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Part 3: Additional recreation leave – member posted before 1 July 2017

16.3.1 Purpose

The purpose of additional recreation leave is to enable members at hardship locations to do two things.

  1. Obtain relief from the environment.

  2. Access suitable shopping and medical facilities.

16.3.2 Member this Part applies to

  1. This Part applies to a member posted before 1 July 2017 to a hardship location.

  2. See: Chapter 12 Part 3 section 12.3.9A for the definition of Member posted before 1 July 2017

  3. This Part also applies to a member on short-term duty who is being paid location allowance.

    See:Part 2A section 16.2A.4, Location allowance

16.3.3 Additional recreation leave

  1. A member performing duty at a hardship location is entitled to additional recreation leave.

  2. The amount of leave is determined by the member's posting location overseas, as set out in Annex 16.A.

  3. See: Annex 16.A, Hardship location conditions of service – member posted before 1 July 2017

  4. The member accrues additional recreation leave on a pro rata basis for the period of duty at the hardship location up to the annual maximum.

  5. Note: This leave is administered on the same basis as if the member were serving in a remote location in Australia under Chapter 5 Part 4 Division 3.

    See: Chapter 5 Part 4 Division 3, Additional recreation leave

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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