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Part 5: Excess health costs

15.5.1 Purpose

  1. This purpose of this Part is to help with overseas health-related costs for eligible persons during a long-term posting overseas.

  2. The principle behind these benefits is that members should contribute to health costs for their dependants as they would in Australia. The Commonwealth helps with any excess costs.

15.5.2 Member this Part applies to

  1. This Part does not apply to members. It applies to their eligible dependants who live with them on the long-term posting.

    See: Division 1, Eligible persons

  1. Members serving overseas remain subject to the medical and dental provisions under the Defence Health Manual.

  2. This Part also applies to APS employees and their eligible dependants who live with them on the long-term overseas posting.


This Part includes these Divisions.

Division 1 Eligible persons

Division 2 Benefits

Division 3 Special benefits for health-related travel

Division 4 Claiming health costs

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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Further info

  • Defence Health Manual (This document is available on the Defence intranet or through the Defence Service Centre.)


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