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Division 4: Vehicle allowances

15.3.18 Purpose

The purpose of vehicle allowance is to help the member pay for vehicle costs in certain cases.

15.3.19 Member this Division applies to

This Division applies to a member who is authorised to travel by private vehicle.

15.3.20 Member this Division does not apply to

This Division does not apply to any of these members.

  1. A member on short-term duty, authorised to travel by motor vehicle instead of the eligible type of transport.

  2. Note: These costs may be authorised on the Overseas visit authority form. This is explained in Defence Instruction (General) Administrative 23-5, Overseas visits.

  3. A member wanting to transport their private vehicle to or from a posting location.

See also:
Chapter 12 Part 1 section 12.1.2, Member Chapters 12 to 16 do not apply to
Part 1 Section 15.1.3, Member this Chapter does not apply to

15.3.21 Vehicle allowance

  1. The member is eligible for vehicle allowance, if the CDF approves their use of a private vehicle for official purposes. The vehicle may be owned, hired or borrowed by the member.

  2. Travel between the member's home and normal place of duty is not to be included in any journey authorised under this section.

  3. When considering whether to authorise use of a private vehicle, the CDF must consider all these criteria.

    1. The purpose of the travel.

    2. If the use of the vehicle will result in greater efficiency than use of public transport.

      Examples: Public transport unreasonably extends the member's time away from home, or is difficult for a member with a disability.

    3. If Commonwealth transport is available for the journey.

    4. If there is any requirement for a Commonwealth driver to remain on duty outside normal hours.

    5. If the member has provided evidence of adequate insurance cover.

    6. Any cost saving to the Commonwealth.

    7. The personal interests of the member.

  4. The member is eligible for an amount for each kilometre of the journey. This amount is calculated using the following formula with the rates that apply to the posting location:

    Vehicle allowance per kilometre
    (in local currency)
    = A x B x (C ÷ 100)


    A is the relevant rate of vehicle allowance under Chapter 9 Part 6 Division 5 section 9.6.25, effective at the time of travel.

    See: Chapter 9 Part 6 Division 5 section 9.6.25, Amount of allowance and calculation of distance

    B is the exchange rate used to pay salary to members for the pay period in which the travel is approved.

    C is the post index used to calculate overseas allowances for the pay period in which the travel is approved.

    See: Chapter 12 Part 3 section 12.3.14A, Post index

  5. The kilometres travelled are taken to be the distance of the journey, using the shortest direct route on suitable roads.

  6. The combined upper limit of the vehicle allowance and travel costs for the road trip is the total of these amounts.

    1. The cost of the member's fares by the means of transport normally authorised by the CDF for the journey.

    2. The amount of travel costs payable if the journey was by that means of transport.

  7. A member eligible for vehicle allowance may also be reimbursed these costs.

    1. Ferries.

    2. Tolls.

    3. Garage accommodation.

Persons who can make the decision under subsection on behalf of the Secretary/CDF:
Senior ADF Representative at the overseas post
A person who is authorised to manage Defence personnel administration at the overseas post and is not below WO2(E)/APS 5.
A person working in the Pay and Administration Centre – Victoria who is authorised to manage Defence pay and administration at overseas posts and is not below WO2(E)/APS 5.
Director of Attaché and Overseas Management

15.3.22 Personal property tax on vehicle – USA

  1. This section applies to a member who meets all these conditions.

    1. The member is on long-term posting in the USA.

    2. The member owns a motor vehicle.

    3. The member has paid personal property tax on the vehicle to the Government of the State in which the member lives.

  2. The member may be reimbursed an amount equal to the tax on one motor vehicle only.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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