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Division 1: Travel for short-term duty while on long-term posting

15.3.4 Travel for short-term duty while on long-term posting

  1. A member may be required to travel on short-term duty overseas, while on a long-term posting. This could include travel between or within overseas countries.

  2. Example: A member, posted in London, needs to travel to Brussels on duty. Similarly, another member posted in Washington, needs to travel to San Francisco.

    Exception: This Division does not apply to a member who is undertaking service with the UN to whom Chapter 12 Part 4, Service with the United Nations, applies.

  3. For this kind of travel, the member is regarded as on short-term duty overseas. These benefits are outlined in Chapter 13, Short-term duty overseas.

    Related Information: For a member travelling to Australia on short-term duty see Chapter 9 Part 5, Payment of travel costs.

15.3.5 Travel by private vehicle

  1. A member may choose to travel for duty by private vehicle. In this case, the member is eligible for vehicle allowance and payment of travel costs.

    Division 4, Vehicle allowances
    Chapter 13 Part 3, Travel costs for short-term duty overseas

  2. The benefit must not be more than if the member had travelled by the normal means.

  3. The cost of transporting a private vehicle is the member's responsibility. The Commonwealth will not consider these costs in working out any benefits.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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