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Division 1: Purpose, application and key concepts – member posted on or after 1 July 2017

15.2A.3 Purpose

  1. The purposes of the overseas living allowances are as follows.

    1. To help maintain the purchasing power of a member's income, and an equivalent standard of living.

    2. To help the member meet unexpected living costs associated with a long-term posting overseas.

    3. To help the member meet some additional costs at the overseas posting location.

      Examples: Communications, holidays, vehicle depreciation, winter clothing.

    4. To partially compensate for loss of the member's spouse or partner's income.

  2. The allowances are not meant to do either of the following.

    1. Increase a member's income.

    2. Make up for loss of income earned by the member's spouse or partner.

    3. Attract members into overseas service.

  3. The allowances are notional. This means that it is based on what a member would be expected to spend, rather than on their actual expenditure.

15.2A.4 Member this Part applies to

This Part applies to a member posted on or after 1 July 2017.

Note: For definition of Member posted on or after 1 July 2017, see Chapter 12 Part 3 section 12.3.9B.

15.2A.5 Member this Part does not apply to

  1. This Part does not apply to a member who is away from their posting location.

    See also: Part 1 section 15.1.3, Member this Chapter does not apply to. Section 15.1.3 outlines other situations in which members are not eligible for overseas living allowances or other long-term posting conditions.

15.2A.6 Changes in overseas living allowances

  1. Overseas living allowances are subject to constant change. These changes are the result of a number of factors, including the following.

    1. Periodic price reviews.

    2. Measured changes in exchange rates.

    3. Any changes to an individual's salary.

    4. Any changes to an individual's family circumstances.

  2. The changes to the allowances can be large, and can occur with little or no warning. The allowances might go up or down.

15.2A.7 ...

15.2A.8 Effect on non-Commonwealth allowances on the overseas living allowances

  1. This section applies if a member receives a benefit from another entity for a similar or comparable purpose to that of a benefit provided by this Part.

  2. The comparable benefit paid under this Part is reduced by the amount of the benefit received.

15.2A.9 The dual Commonwealth benefit rule

  1. This section applies to a member if both of the following apply to their spouse or partner.

    1. They are posted to the same location as the member.

    2. They are eligible for a benefit from the Commonwealth that is for the same or comparable purpose to those provided under this Part.

  2. This section only applies to the member if a benefit under this Part provides that it applies.

  3. The member ceases to be eligible for the benefit in the following circumstances.

    1. Their spouse or partner is also a member or a Defence employee and the following conditions apply.

      1. The spouse or partner has a higher salary than the member.

      2. The member has nominated the spouse or partner to receive the benefit.

    2. Their spouse or partner is not a member or a Defence employee and the member has not advised that the spouse or partner is not receiving the same or comparable benefit.

    Example: A member is posted to Jakarta. The member's spouse is an APS employee in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and is on a long-term posting to Jakarta for the same period as the member. The member is eligible for the overseas living allowances. The member's spouse is paid allowances for living overseas by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The member is not eligible for the benefit.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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