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Division 4: Dependants not travelling with the member

14.4.17 Dependants not travelling with member

  1. In certain circumstances, a member's dependants may travel to or from the posting location at a different time than the member. Approval may only be given if the CDF is satisfied that the separate travel is a special case.


    1. The dependant is temporarily medically unfit to travel overseas at the same time as the member.

    2. Departure is delayed for the child's educational needs.

    3. A relative of the member suffers ill health and the dependant chooses to remain to help the relative.

    4. Short posting notice does not provide adequate time to make domestic arrangements before departure.

  2. To qualify for travel at Commonwealth cost, all these conditions must be met.

    1. The dependant is being removed to the posting location at Commonwealth cost.

    2. The dependant can spend the minimum period under subsection or as part of the member's household at the posting location.

      See: Chapter 12 Part 3 section 12.3.5, Dependant

    3. The dependant is not travelling to or from the posting location on any other type of Commonwealth-assisted airfare, based on the allowable travel cost.

    4. If the dependant returns unaccompanied to Australia at Commonwealth cost, the member must have served at least 12 months at the overseas posting location.

      Exception: The CDF may reduce the 12-month limit if there are special circumstances.

  3. This table describes the maximum amounts paid for travel by a dependant, not travelling with the member.

    Travel costs payable
    Item For... The maximum amount payable is the...
    1. a child who travels to or from the posting location, unaccompanied by the member or member's spouse or partner allowable travel cost to the location.
    2. any other dependant not travelling with the member amount that would have been paid by the Commonwealth, if the dependant had accompanied the member for travel.
  4. For this section, the dependant must not travel:

    1. before the date of effect of the posting order, or

    2. more than 12 months after the member's travel from the posting location.

  5. A dependant who does not travel with the member is not eligible for a rest period.

Persons who can make the decisions under subsection and paragraph, exception, on behalf of the Secretary/CDF:
A person working in the Pay and Administration Centre – Victoria who is authorised to manage Defence pay and administration at overseas posts and is not below WO2(E)/APS 5.

14.4.18 Baggage charges

The member may claim costs involved in carrying the dependant's personal baggage. The cost must have been unavoidable.

Examples: It might be necessary to buy portage to help in these situations.

  1. The dependant has a disability that prevents them carrying their luggage.

  2. The dependant is a child. The flight attendant is not permitted to carry the luggage for the child.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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