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Division 2: Baggage benefits

14.4.10 Baggage benefits

  1. Each member and dependant authorised to travel overseas at Commonwealth cost may transport 30 kg of baggage at Commonwealth cost.

    Exception: If the carrier charges a price for each bag rather than for the combined weight of baggage, the benefit is two suitcases.

  2. This benefit includes the amount of baggage the carrier allows the passenger to carry for no extra charge.

14.4.11 Excess baggage

  1. The CDF may authorise payment for excess baggage which exceeds the limits provided under subsection

  2. Payment of excess baggage is limited by the following conditions.

    1. If the carrier charges for the combined weight of baggage, payment may only be made for up to 45 kg of total baggage weight.

      Example: A member has 50 kg of baggage and is approved for payment of excess baggage. The carrier charges for baggage weighing more than 25 kg. The Commonwealth will pay for 20 kg of the cost of excess baggage. The member must pay the cost of the additional 5 kg.

    2. If the carrier charges per suitcase, payment may only be made for up to three suitcases in total.

      Example: A member has four suitcases and is approved for payment of excess baggage. The carrier charges for baggage exceeding two suitcases. The Commonwealth will pay excess baggage for one of the additional suitcases. The member must pay for the other.

    3. Costs are limited to those that would apply to travel by the most direct route.

  3. The CDF must consider all the following criteria before making the decision under subsection 1.

    1. The nature and content of the baggage, including any special equipment being carried.

      Example: Wheelchairs.

    2. Removal arrangements made by the Commonwealth.

      Example: The Commonwealth may remove a member's household items using sea-freight because it is a lot more cost effective than air-freight. Items can often take four to six weeks to arrive. It is therefore reasonable for the member to carry additional baggage to allow for the extended period of arrival of their household items.

    3. The duration and timing of the position.

Persons who can make the decision under subsection on behalf of the Secretary/CDF:
Senior ADF Representative at the overseas post
A person who is authorised to manage Defence personnel administration at the overseas post and is not below WO2(E)/APS 5.
A person working in the Pay and Administration Centre – Victoria who is authorised to manage Defence pay and administration at overseas posts and is not below WO2(E)/APS 5.
Director Defence Travel
Director of Attaché and Overseas Management

14.4.12 Unaccompanied baggage or air freight

  1. The benefit in section 14.4.11 may be converted to unaccompanied baggage or air freight.

  2. If the member chooses to send baggage unaccompanied, the cost limit is as if the member had moved the full benefit of air baggage at the accompanied rate.

  3. This means that the cost of accompanied baggage plus the cost of unaccompanied baggage, must not be more than the cost of 45 kg of accompanied baggage.

  4. If there is no unaccompanied baggage rate available, air freight may be used on the same principle.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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