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Division 2 : Officially approved activities

13.4.7 Member this Division applies to

This Division applies to a member participating in officially approved activities overseas.

Examples: Adventure training, sports, work experience.

13.4.8 Help with travel costs

  1. The CDF can decide an amount to help with travel costs associated with participation in officially approved activities. The CDF must consider all these criteria.

    1. The activity's nature, duration and location.

    2. The approved itinerary and transport arrangements.

    3. The nature and extent of travel costs incurred by the member.

    4. The benefit to the ADF of the member's participation.

    5. The nature and level of interest in the activity among ADF members.

    6. The value of any other subsidy of the member's participation.

    7. Any other factor relevant to the activity.

  2. The amount must not be more than the lesser of these costs.

    1. The total travel costs the member would be eligible for if the travel were for short-term duty.

    2. The costs the member incurs for participating in the activity.

  3. The member is not eligible for either of these amounts.

    1. Other travel costs.

    2. The cost of transportation.

Persons who can make the decision under subsection on behalf of the CDF:
A person not below MAJGEN(E)/SES Band 2 who is a Group Head.

Application to Reservists: Yes.

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