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Part 1 : Overview

13.1.1 Purpose

  1. This Chapter describes the benefits and allowances that apply when members travel overseas on short-term duty.

  2. The Chapter covers standard benefits, such as class of air travel and rest periods. It also covers payment of travel costs for short-term duty overseas. It sets out the various ways a member may become eligible for more or less than the standard limits on payment of travel costs.

  3. Note: Accountable Authority Instruction (AAI) 16 - Official travel must be taken into consideration when undertaking or approving travel.

13.1.2 Member this Chapter applies to

This Chapter applies to a member who performs short-term duty overseas. This includes both the following.

  1. A member who performs short-term duty overseas while on a long-term posting.

    See: Chapter 15 Part 3 Division 1, Travel for short-term duty while on long-term posting

  2. A member on Reserve service.

  3. Note: In the total workforce model, this includes a member in Service categories 3, 4, 5 and 7. It also includes employees in Service category 1 through the operation of section H6 of the Enterprise 2017-2020. A member in Service category 6 is unlikely to perform duty overseas.

13.1.3 Member this Chapter does not apply to

  1. This Chapter does not apply to any of these members.

    1. The CDF.

    2. The Vice Chief of the Defence Force.

    3. Service Chiefs.

    See also: Chapter 12 Part 1 section 12.1.2, Member Chapters 12 to 16 do not apply to

  2. Parts 1, 2 and 3 do not apply to a member on an officially approved activity overseas, as described in Part 4 Division 2.

    See: Part 4 Division 2, Officially approved activities

    Note: Members on short-term duty are eligible for some hardship location conditions if they meet the eligibility conditions.

    See: Chapter 16, Overseas hardship locations

13.1.4 Member on short term duty ill or injured

A member on short-term duty overseas who is seriously or very seriously ill, may be eligible for support under the Australians dangerously ill scheme under Chapter 17 Part 4.

See: Chapter 17 Part 4, Australians dangerously ill scheme – overseas

13.1.5 Process for travelling overseas on short-term duty

  1. The Estate & Infrastructure Group (E&IG) Defence Travel website gives access to information about the process for assessing benefits and travel costs for short-term duty overseas.

  2. See: (please note that this website address is on the defence intranet only).

  3. Detailed administrative and processing information is available in the Travel Guides. The guides are one of the resources available through the Defence Travel website.

Application to Reservists: Yes.

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