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Part 5: Employment with the UN – APS only

12.5.1 Purpose

The purpose of this Part is to outline the conditions for employees on a contract of employment with the UN or other multi-national force.

12.5.2 Definition

Term Definition
Multi-national force Multi-national force means any force led by a nation other than Australia. It includes elements of the armed forces of several nations, whether or not that force is acting under a resolution of the UN.

12.5.3 Employee this Part applies to

This Part applies to an APS employee who is on leave without pay to perform an employment contract with the UN or other multi-national force.

12.5.4 Allowances and benefits not payable

  1. An employee and their dependants are not eligible for benefits under Chapters 12 to 17 of the Defence Defence Determination 2016/19, Conditions of service, for the following periods.

    1. The period of the contract.

    2. Any period immediately before or after the period of the contract, in relation to the following.

      1. Conditions of service for long-term posting overseas that would be payable in relation to the contract period.

      2. Travel costs or any other costs incurred by the employee or a dependant in connection with the contract.

      Note: The UN contract is designed to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the full range of employment types in which the UN is engaged. It is intended to apply to all UN contracted employees without the need for supplementation. Single source payment is consistent with the UN intention that staff observe strict neutrality and seek or receive instructions from no source external to the UN (Article 100, UN charter).

  2. Despite subsection 1, the Secretary may approve the following benefits, as if the employee were on a long-term posting at the contract location.

    1. Storage of the possessions of the employee and dependants within Australia at Commonwealth expense, while the employee is on the contract.

    2. Reimbursement for insurance of the personal effects and possessions stored under paragraph a.

    3. Outlay advance.

    4. Assistance with health services provided overseas for an employee and their dependants.

    5. Temporary accommodation allowance while in Australia.

  3. For subsection 2, the Secretary must consider all the following factors.

    1. Whether there is a similar entitlement under the employee's contract.

    2. The costs incurred by the employee and dependants.

    3. Any other factor relevant to the employee's circumstances during the approved period of the contract.

Persons who can make the decision under subsection on behalf of the Secretary:
First Assistant Secretary People Policy & Culture
Assistant Secretary People Policy and Employment Conditions

Application to Reservists: No.

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