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Part 2 : Advice and administration for overseas conditions of service

Note: Please note that some of the website addresses listed in this Part are only available on the defence intranet only, unless otherwise specified.

12.2.1 Advice on policy

  1. Advice on policy and related issues is available from the Overseas Conditions Section, Directorate of Military Conditions and Housing Policy, People Policy and Employment Conditions Branch.

  2. Address PO Box 7927
    Canberra BC
    ACT 2610
  3. Issues about administration or the effect of particular provisions should continue to be referred through administrative channels.

12.2.2 Overseas Administration Team, Melbourne

  1. The Overseas Administration Team (OAT) facilitates and administers overseas conditions of service for ADF members and APS employees in Defence.

  2. The OAT provides advice to Single Service, Defence Group administrators and overseas posts on all aspects of long-term posting to overseas locations. This includes allowances, removals and entitlements covered in the Overseas Conditions of Service chapters.

  3. These are the contact details.

  4. Toll free call 1800 355 879 (Australia)
    +61 3 9282 3653 (Overseas)
    Facsimile +61 2 6127 8820
    Global email address
    Mailing address GPO Box 2288U, Melbourne, VICTORIA 3001

12.2.3 Defence Travel

  1. Defence Travel provides help and advice on all aspects of non-business international travel; bookings, allowances, acquittals and passports and visas.

  2. DEFWEB address:

  3. Information for applications for passports and visas can be found on the Defence Travel passports and visas page.

  4. Passports and visas:

12.2.4 Overseas Salaries Section – Defence Pay Accounting Centre, Melbourne

  1. The Overseas Salaries Section administers the pay accounts of ADF members on long-term posting (of longer than six months) overseas. The Section is responsible for processing overseas pay-related entitlements, as well as helping overseas operational deployments with pay matters.

  2. These are the contact details.

  3. Facsimile +61 2 6127 8820
    Mailing address Overseas Salaries Section
    Defence Force Pay Accounting Centre
    GPO Box 5182AA

12.2.5 Overseas posts

Administrative staff at overseas posts are able to help with enquiries about overseas conditions of service.


12.2.6 Decision-making on overseas conditions of service

  1. Decision-makers on overseas conditions act on behalf of the CDF (in relation to ADF members) and the Secretary (in relation to APS employees in Defence). These powers, and the persons who are authorised to make decisions on them, are shown throughout Chapters 12 to 17.

  2. For most overseas conditions, the authorised persons are the same for the ADF as for the APS.

  3. The instruments of authorisation made by the CDF and Secretary are included in front of Chapter 1 at the beginning of the Manual.

  4. See:
    CDF Instrument of Authorisation
    Secretary Instrument of Authorisation

  5. Guidance for decision-makers on how to make decisions on conditions of service on behalf of the CDF and Secretary is in the Decision Makers Handbook on Defence Pay and Conditions.

  6. See: Decision Makers Handbook on Defence Pay and Conditions

  7. A person who has been authorised to act for the CDF or Secretary is only acting on behalf of the Secretary or CDF. They do not exercise the powers in their own right. The effect of this is that a decision by an authorised person is in effect a decision by the CDF or Secretary.

  8. A person who has been authorised by the CDF or Secretary cannot delegate their authorised decision making powers to another person. Any decisions made by a person who has not been authorised by the CDF or Secretary may be legally ineffective.

  9. It is important that any necessary help is sought before the decision is made. Advice is available from these people.

  10. Resources
    Item If the case involves... help is available from...
    1. any condition of service for ADF or APS
    Exception: ADF salary
    the Overseas Administration Team, Melbourne
    See: Section 12.2.2
    2. ADF salary Defence Force Pay Accounting Centre, Melbourne
    See: Section 12.2.4

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