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Part 5: Service police investigator plain clothes allowance

10.5.1 Purpose

The purpose of this Part is to reimburse the cost of the purchase or hire of plain clothing for a member who is posted to a Service police investigator position.

10.5.2 Member this Part applies to

This Part applies to a member who meets both of the following conditions.

  1. They have been appointed to an investigator position in the ADF Investigative Service.

  2. The Provost Marshal ADF has decided that the position requires the occupant to wear plain clothes as part of an investigation.

10.5.3 Eligibility for Service police investigator plain clothes allowance

  1. The member is eligible for the reimbursement of the cost of purchase or hire of clothing to meet the requirements of the member's duties as a Service police investigator.

  2. The maximum amount a member is eligible for reimbursement is $1,757 every four years from the date of appointment to an investigator position.

  3. Example: A member was appointed to an investigator position on 12 July 2012. The member reached the maximum reimbursement amount in February 2015. The member will not be eligible for any further reimbursement until they reach the four year anniversary on 12 July 2016.

  4. In addition to reimbursement under this Part, each Service will continue to provide items of military uniform for members to whom this Part applies.

  5. Note: Members may be eligible for uniform allowance as well as reimbursement under this Part.

    See: Part 1, Uniform allowance

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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