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Part 2: Personal purchase of uniform articles

10.2.1 Purpose

The purpose of this Part is to reimburse members who choose to buy approved articles of uniform and other requirements privately, instead of getting them through free issue.

10.2.2 Member this Part applies to

This Part applies to these members, including members on Reserve service.

  1. An officer on appointment.

  2. A Warrant Officer on enlistment or promotion.

  3. Note: In the total workforce model, this includes a member in any Service category, except Service category 1.

10.2.3 Benefit

  1. The member is eligible for the reimbursement of the cost of privately bought items of uniform and personal necessities. Both these conditions must be met.

    1. The member is eligible to be provided with the item at Commonwealth expense.

    2. The CDF is satisfied that the purchase is reasonable. The CDF must consider all these criteria.

      1. The availability of the items from Service sources.

      2. The member's posting location.

      3. The nature of the member's duties.

      4. If the member has a special need for the item because of a medical condition.

      5. Any other factor relevant to the purchase of the item.

  2. The member may not be reimbursed more for an item than the price listed in the Commonwealth list of prices of clothing, uniforms and personal necessities.

  3. See: Members can access the Defence online clothing store at Defence Clothing.

    Note: Webform Form AD619, ADF Clothing Store Debit Authority, can only be used at Tindal and Butterworth.

Persons who can make the decision under paragraph on behalf of the CDF:
An officer in the member's chain of command not below MAJ(E)/APS 6
Commanding Officer for a member in the Navy

Application to Reservists: Yes.


Copies of forms are available on the webforms system or through the Defence Service Centre.

  • AD619, ADF clothing store debit authority (Tindal and Butterworth only)

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