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The Government has deployed Australian Defence Force personnel to operations overseas and within Australia to protect Australia and its national interests.

ADF members are actively protecting Australia's borders and offshore maritime interests.

Operational numbers

Numbers of Defence personnel on operation
Operation Location Personnel Government Mandate
Accordion Middle East Region 600 Ongoing
Aslan South Sudan 20 Reviewed Annually
Manitou Middle East Region Maritime 20 Ongoing
Mazurka Egypt 27 Ongoing
Okra Middle East Region and Iraq 110 Ongoing
Paladin Israel 14 Reviewed Annually
Resolute Australian Maritime Interests 600 Ongoing
Highroad Afghanistan 150 Ongoing

The figures in the above table reflect the ongoing operational commitment, not the current number of ADF personnel deployed in those locations. Australia will continue to review its force posture as the COVID-19 crisis evolves.

Defence Global Operations Map