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Defence Infrastructure Division

Moorebank Units Relocations (MUR) Project

Project Scope

The Government’s expected timeframe for completion of the total MUR Project is late 2015. Relocation from Moorebank is expected to be completed by the end of 2014, with seamless continuity of Defence operations throughout the process.

Works will largely take place on Defence property with minimal local community impact.

The scope and extent of works is detailed below and the attached drawings will aid understanding:

Table: Images

Current Holsworthy Barracks and Existing Precinct Boundaries
Download the Current Holsworthy Barracks and Existing Precinct Boundaries Drawing of Healthcote Road image in JPG [28KB] or PDF[1.06MB]

Recommended Masterplan, showing new precincts
Download the Recommended Masterplan, showing new precinct image in JPG [18KB] or PDF[27KB]
Proposed Completed Works at Handover
Download the Proposed Completed Works at Handover image in JPG [19KB] or PDF[27KB]

The MUR Project consists of:

Holsworthy Barracks Entry Precinct. The Entry Precinct is located at the front of the Barracks to provide the ready access to those organisations requiring a public or semi-public interface. This location allows the precinct to be separate from the security sensitive functions performed elsewhere in the Barracks. The Entry Precinct includes:

  • Heathcote Road New Barracks Entry;
  • Holsworthy Chapel;
  • Military Engineering Heritage and Learning Centre;
  • Commercial Offices for Defence Support (DS) including  DS-Northern NSW and DS-LMA including its Comprehensive Maintenance Contractor (CMC) - Brookfield Multiplex Services (BMS) and the Garrison Support Services (GSS) - Serco Sodexho Defence Services (SSDS) regional offices;
  • Defence Community Organisation (DCO);
  • Working accommodation for ADF Cadets: TS Kanimbla,
    23 Battalion ACU, 22/29 ACU and the AACB-Sydney;
  • DS Transport Yard including the Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) Store and Liverpool Military Area (LMA) Q Store;
  • Security infrastructure in the Entry Precinct;
  • The LMA Clothing Store; and
  • Australian Defence Credit Union (ADCU) and DEFCREDIT.

SME Precinct. The SME Precinct provides a ‘TAFE style’ campus development for military engineering training within the Australian Army.  The SME Precinct includes:

Headquarters (HQ) and Training Wings for:

  • Engineer Tactics training;
  • Geospatial Engineer training;
  • Specialist Engineer training;
  • Construction training;
  • Explosive Detection Dog Section; and
  • Initial Employment (IET) (ab-initio) training;

Logistics support facilities for SME;

  • Permanent and Trainee Level 1 living in accommodation for staff and students;
  • Special purpose external training infrastructure including equipment bridging training areas and a plant training area; and
  • Heavy ’C’ (construction) Vehicle Maintenance facilities to be occupied by a component of the Defence National Storage and Distribution Centre.

Holsworthy Physical Fitness Complex Precinct. The Holsworthy Physical Fitness Complex provides a gymnasium facility for physical training and specialist physical training for the Defence personnel on the Barracks. The complex includes special purpose enhancements to enable Special Operations Command personnel training in parachute, waterborne, dive and close combat techniques.

Holsworthy Mess Precinct. The Holsworthy Mess provides a combined Mess for the non-Special Forces (SF) Defence personnel on the Barracks including absorbing the RAE Officer’s Mess, RAE Sergeant’s Mess and ‘Peeler Club’ (SME Other Ranks Club). The Mess provides facilities for All Ranks by using a shared central kitchen and stores with separate dining rooms and ante rooms for Officers, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks.

Training Precinct. The Training Precinct provides a second campus style precinct for the remaining minor Units relocated from Moorebank, 21 CONST REGT from Gallipoli Lines and the consolidation of 5th Brigade units and sub-units into common multi-use facilities. The Precinct provides working and instructional facilities to be shared between the regular and reserve components.  The Training Precinct includes:

  • LWC Regional Education Centre;
  • Army Logistics Training Centre (ALTC) detachment;
  • Army Financial Services Unit (AFSU now part of Army Compliance and Assurance Agency (ACAA));
  • Maintenance Advisory Service (MAS now ACAA);
  • Liverpool Military Area Library;
  • Headquarters New South Wales Australian Army Cadet Corps Brigade (HQ NSW AAC Brigade);
  • Main Instructional Facility;
  • 5th Brigade Common User Facilities; and;
  • 21 CONST REGT.

Demolition of obsolescent buildings at:

  • Gallipoli Lines; and
  • Kapyong Lines.

Temporary relocation of those Units temporarily displaced during construction of the proposed works:

  • 21 CONST REGT;
  • 17 CONST SQN; and
  • ADF Cadets.