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Defence Infrastructure Division

Moorebank Units Relocations (MUR) Project

Indicative Drawings

Significant site planning has been undertaken to ensure that the MUR Project delivers cost effective capability upgrades and consolidation of military capability and support elements at Holsworthy Barracks.

Below is an indicative list of schematic drawings which show the Project Scope locations and proposed works.

  1. Liverpool Military Area Plan
  2. Final Approved Outcomes of Site Selection Process
  3. Holsworthy Barracks MUR Works
  4. Heathcote Rd Intersection

Indicative Perspectives

  1. SME Headquarters
  2. SME Combined Wings
  3. SME Living in Accommodation
  4. Holsworthy Physical Fitness Complex
  5. Holsworthy Chapel
  6. Military Engineering Heritage and Learning Centre

The scope and extent of works is detailed below and the attached drawings will aid understanding:

  1. Current Holsworthy Barracks and Existing Precinct Boundaries
  2. Recommended Masterplan, showing new precincts
  3. Proposed Completed Works at Handover

The two drawings below show some of the existing memorials at Holsworthy and Moorebank, and some of the proposed works and relocated memorials under the MUR project.

  1. Memorials Plan 1
  2. Memorials Plan 2