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Defence Policy and Intelligence Pathway

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The Defence Policy and Intelligence Pathway will provide you the real opportunity to influence strategic policy and the ongoing security of Australia.


  • Inform decision-making at the highest levels of Government;
  • Make a real contribution to the ongoing security of Australia;
  • Influence strategic policy guidance for Defence and the ADF;
  • Enjoy working with some of Australia’s brightest and most enthusiastic professionals; and
  • Become tomorrow’s leader and shape the future for a more secure Australia.


The Defence Policy and Intelligence Pathways is seeking high achievers from all disciplines to contribute to work undertaken in the strategic centre of the Defence organisation.

Just as important as your qualifications are the personal qualities you can bring to the role – particularly integrity, curiosity, objectivity and your ability to think critically – because, at the end of the day, it’s your judgement that will inform decisions or deliver outcomes for the future of Australia’s security environment.

Within the Defence Policy and Intelligence Pathway, you will undertake a 12-month development program comprising three rotations, specialised training and on the job experiences focusing on issues critical to Australia’s security. Through either the Defence Policy Stream or one of the Defence Intelligence and Cyber streams, you may inform: decision making on international policy; source or analyse intelligence to counter terrorism; or innovate solutions to mitigate the cyber threat as to protect Australia’s national interests.

In each rotation you will have real tasks and responsibilities, and be fully integrated into the work team to ensure you reach your full potential. The Policy and Intelligence Pathway includes a comprehensive learning and development program, including:

  • A three day familiarisation tour where you will visit Navy, Army and Air Force bases to meet Australian Defence Force members and interact with military equipment;
  • Senior Officer Briefs where you will meet Defence’s senior leaders, including the Chief of the Defence Force and Secretary of Defence, to discuss Defence’s strategic objectives, career management and the senior officer’s personal insights;
  • Rotation specific training to provide you with the skills and knowledge to undertake rewarding, exciting and challenging work;
  • A dedicated Graduate Management Team that will guide and advise you throughout your program;
  • A visit to Parliament House to view Members of Parliament engage in question time;
  • Rotation specific training to provide you with the skills and knowledge to undertake reward, exciting and challenging work;
  • Meetings with the Graduate Management Team and your experience supervisor to discuss your learning and development needs, career aspirations and performance feedback; and
  • An ongoing position at the completion of the Defence Graduate Program

Defence offers a generous remuneration package, conditions of service and leave benefits that will contribute to you enjoying a happy work-life balance. Graduates who complete the program are able to apply for study assistance, including financial reimbursement and study leave, to pursue further studies (i.e. postgraduate programs).

Defence Policy Stream

In the Defence Policy Stream you will work in the strategic centre of the Defence organisation as part of a strategy-led program of Government and industry engagement and innovation. Defence Policy Officers undertake analysis and assessment of information to provide informed advice, which contributes to policy development, strategic military planning and international capacity building.

Intelligence & Cyber Stream

The Defence Intelligence and Cyber Streams are seeking graduates from all disciplines with professional development and rotation placements tailored for roles in one of the Defence Intelligence Agencies. Graduates undertake work that contributes to Australia’s national security from day one with entry through any of the following three challenging and unique graduate training paths

Your career with us will expand your understanding of the national security and intelligence environment, and will enable you to answer some of the most complex problems facing Australia today. If you are looking for a career where you are entrusted to influence strategic decision making at the highest level, you will find it at Defence.

Quick Details

  • Degree types: All degrees; see streams within the Defence Policy and Intelligence Pathway for more details
  • Salary: $68,442 pa + 15.4% superannuation. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will advance to APS/ASD 4: $76,215 pa + 15.4% superannuation.
  • Program:
    • 12 months – 3 x 4 month rotations
  • Eligibility: View eligibility requirements
  • Intake: February (AGO/ASD/DIO); June (AGO / ASD)
  • Location: Canberra (interstate rotations outside of Canberra are available)
  • Benefits: Why Choose Defence
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