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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log FY 17/18

Commencing 1 May 2011, Defence began publishing documents released under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

The documents released as a result of an Freedom of Information request have, due to the redacting processes, been made available on this site in Portable Document Format (PDF). They are available for downloading and printing.

If you require access to the documents in an alternative format please contact the FOI Directorate.

Rights of Review Document (248KB PDF)

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Date (documents
received by applicant)
FOI No Title (link to documents) Access Exemptions (Link to FOI Act)
9-July-2018 501/17/18

Nature of Service (NOS) classification system - Military Strategic Commitments (MSC) standard operating procedure for NOS-past operations

Full N/A
28-June-2018 484/17/18

Request for expenditure of relevant monies relating to travel

Full N/A
27-June-2018 373/17/18

Defences response to 2017 QON 531 from SEN Xenophon

Partial 33 | 47C | 47F | 47G
28-June-2018 320/17/18

Tender documents relating to 'WE02 concrete structure package' (NACC) facilities project

Partial 47F | 47G
25-June-2018 366/17/18

Incidents involving lost, missing or recovered weapons and explosives from 2015 to 2017

Full N/A
12-June-2018 412/17/18

Documents regarding Defence Export Advocate

Partial 47F | 47G
7-June-2018 386/17/18

Request for HMAS Kuttabul standing orders

Partial 47F | 47G
7-June-2018 298/17/18

Copy of documentation regarding a Navy member

Partial 24A | 47D | 47F | 47G
9-June-2018 352/17/18

Documents relating to promotions

Partial 47F
4-June-2018 466/17/18

PACC 2000 Report "Enhancing the Military Public Affairs Capability in the ADF

Full N/A
4-June-2018 413/17/18

Request for unredacted VCDF Brief - Review of the nature of service classification for ADF service with UNTSO

Partial 7(2A)(b) | 33(a)(i) | 47C(1) | 47E(d) | 47F(2)
7-June-2018 368/17/18

Code of conduct complaint statistics

Internal Review of charges - 18 June 2018

Full N/A
31-May-2018 367/17/18

Request for documents relating to Minister Pyne's travel - Oct 17 to Nov 17

Partial 33(a)(i)&(iii) | 33(b) | 37(1)(c) | 47E | 47F | 47G
25-May-2018 429/17/18

Request for FOI charges information

Full N/A
25-May-2018 423/17/18

Request details of all FOI delegates

Partial 22 | 7(2A)(b)
14-May-2018 385/17/18

Request for documents created in 2018 related to construction of a Chinese military base on Vanuatu

Partial 33(a)(iii)
14-May-2018 328/17/18

Funding allocated by Australia to support construction and redevelopment projects in Afghanistan

Full N/A
11-May-2018 324/16/17

Australian Industry Plan (final)

Partial 33(a)(iii) | 47C | 47G
11-May-2018 294/17/18

'Sex and War' - A conversation Army has to have

Partial 33(a)(i)&(iii) | 47E(d) | 47F
8-May-2018 333/17/18

Contract CN3427279 - Lease for premises at 6 John Street McMahons Point NSW

Partial 47C | 47G
4-May-2018 376/17/18

Documents marked irrelevant in FOI 299/17/18

Partial 47C | 47E | 47F
3-May-2018 381/17/18

A report produced by Defence's classified archival review team

Full N/A
27-April-2018 370/17/18

Documents Relevant to OAIC Review Number MR/000581

Full N/A
26-April-2018 358/17/18

Request statistics regarding investigations around homosexuality

Full N/A
19-April-2018 275/17/18

A copy of the incoming briefs for Veterans Affairs and Defence Personnel Minister Michael McCormack

Partial 7 | 47C | 47E(d)
18-April-2018 288/17/18

Request for statistics and information regarding sexual assaults and harassment

Partial 37 | 47D | 47E
18-April-2018 261/17/18

LCM1E Landing Craft contract

Partial 33(a)(i)
11-April-2018 301/17/18

Summary price schedule as submitted by Lurssen in their response to RFT 0226-16 (SEA 1180)

Full N/A
9-March-2018 247/17/18 & 284/17/18

Request for statement of facts related to matters disclosed in FOI 112/17/18

Partial 33(a)(i) | 47E(c) | 47E(d) | 47F
29-March-2018 314/17/18

APH JCPAA - Defence major projects 2016-17

Full N/A
28-March-2018 226/17/18

The implementation of 'Women, Peace and Security' principles into Exercise Talisman Sabre 2015

Partial 33(a)(iii)
30-March-2018 228/17/18

Report arising from the ADF Service Police review

Partial 37(2)(b)
29-March-2018 276/17/18

Documents relating to the mental health status of Australian Defence Force recruits

Full N/A
29-March-2018 277/17/18

Documents relating to the global heat map created by Strava

Partial 47F
3-April-2018 324/17/18

Request for all documentation related to FOI 244/17/18

Full N/A
22-March-2018 225/17/18

Defence Force's 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit training sessions for the Fijian Military in May 17

Partial 33(a)(i)
22-March-2018 254/17/18

Military export correspondence with Saudi Arabia regarding military equipment sales for 1 Jan 16 to 31 Dec 17

Partial 47G
21-March-2018 299/17/18

FOI 299/17/18 - Information Commissioner review

47C | 47E(d) | 47F
19-March-2018 222/17/18

Collins Class Submarine - sustainment location

Partial 33
7-March-2018 278/17/18

The biggest obstacles to Australia becoming a top ten global defence exporter

Partial 33(a)(iii)
1-March-2018 212/17/18

Hospitality declarations by Defence executives and military officers

Partial 7 | 33
15-February-2018 191/17/18


Partial 47E(c) | 47E(d) | 47F | 47G
13-February-2018 235/17/18

Documents related to sharing military technology with China or Chinese concerns

Partial 33
13-February-2018 163/17/18

West Mosul Airstrikes

Partial 47F
12-February-2018 259/17/18

Navy Prohibited Substance Testing

Full N/A
9-February-2018 171/17/18

Defence cooperation with the Myanmar military in 2017

Partial 33
8-February-2018 179/17/18

Operation of the MRH90 2016/17

Full N/A
1-February-2018 144/17/18

Documents related to investigation IR-DWS01-DI-2014-54

Internal Review - 13 March 2018

Partial 47E(d) | 47F | 47G | 22 irrelevant
25-January-2018 321/16/17

SEA 5000 Tender Documents - Information Commissioner Review

SEA 5000 Tender Documents - 23 April 2018


33(a)(i) | 47E(d) | 47F | 22 irrelevant

22 irrelevant
8-January-2018 201/17/18

Request Documentation Regarding Malaysian Boeing 777 - Flight

Full N/A
21-December-2017 160/17/18

Documents relating to Chris Masters' Book

Internal Review - 16 April 2018



24A | 47F | 47G

24A | 37(1)(a) | 46(b) | 47F | 47G
21-December-2017 166/17/18

Two fatal incidents in Mosul on 29 Sep 17

Full N/A
22-December-2017 230/17/18

Copy of transcript from a hearing held at HMAS Cerberus on 11 Dec 17

Full N/A
18-December-2017 128/17/18

Audit report relating to collusion (Internal Review)

Partial 47E
15-December-2017 MINDEF 002/17/18

Minister for Defence FOI Disclosure

West Mosul airstrike

Full Nil
15-December-2017 181/17/18

Defence Force Magistrates decisions

Partial 47F
6-December-2017 178/17/18

Request for privacy statistics

Full Nil
5-December-2017 112/17/18

Court martial proceedings since Sep 2014

Partial 47F
5-December-2017 136/17/18

Media response to questions submitted by The Australian about trials of the LHD landing craft's ability to carry a tank

Partial 24A | 47F
5-December-2017 146/17/18

APT-ALF hacker and the presentation given by ASD employee Mitchell Clarke

Partial 7 | 47
5-December-2017 106/17/18

Request for documents related to cadets

Full Nil
4-December-2017 122/17/18

Defence estate legacy PFC review database (CH2M 2015)

Partial 33 | 37F
7-December-2017 138/17/18

Request for documents related to CMS transactions

Partial 33(a)(i)
24-November-2017 060/17/18

ADF's response to terrorist threats

Partial 7 | 24A | 33 | 34 | 47B | 47C
24-November-2017 070/16/17

Use of Aqueous Film Forming Foam - RAAF Williamtown (Internal Review)

Full N/A
15-November-2017 063/17/18

ADF personnel charged with drug offences or who have links to outlaw motorcycle gangs

Partial 24A | 33 | 37 | 47E | 47F
13-November-2017 127/17/18

Any reports since 1 Jan 16 related to issues or injuries among ADF special forces

Partial 33(a)(i)
15-November-2017 024/17/18

The nature of the New Zealand Defence Force's involvement in Operation Accordion

Partial 33(a)(i) | 33(b)
13-November-2017 128/17/18

Audit report relating to collusion

Partial 47E
07-November-2017 118/17/18

Request for documents related to Army contract with Kitbag Consulting

Full Nil
9-November-2017 MINDEF 001/17/18

Minister for Defence FOI Disclosure

Documents regarding the Sharrouf deaths in Syria - August 2017

Partial 47F
25-October-2017 099/17/18

Correspondence between Defence and ASC related to Australian Shipbuilders Austal and ASC partnering to build the $35 billion future frigate

Full Nil
23-October-2017 088/17/18

Conflict analysis by DSTG relating to Taji Military Complex

Partial 33(a)(i)&(iii)
18-October-2017 081/17/18

Documents regarding the Sharrouf deaths in Syria - August 2017

Partial 7
17-October-2017 080/17/18

Documents related to the prosecution of a Defence member for assault occasioning actual bodily harm and unlawful wounding

Partial 33 | 47F
17-October-2017 111/17/18

Timetable for Defence shuttle buses in ACT and Sydney

Full Nil
13-October-2017 010/17/18

Acting Secretary and Associate Secretary expenses 16/17 financial year

Partial 47G
9-October-2017 065/17/18

Defence personnel working on US drone missions from the Australian-American Defence facility at Pine Gap

Partial 47G
11-October-2017 089/17/18

SEA 5000 Gateway review documents

Partial 33(a)(i) | 34 | 47C | 47D
12-October-2017 075/17/18

DFR documents relating to conditions of entry

Partial 24A | 47E
6-October-2017 059/17/18

Military gifts to Indonesia

Full Nil
12-October-2017 366/16/17

Defence Department Contracts CN3408012, CN3410383, CN3408026 AND CN3396775

Partial 47F | 47G
11-October-2017 009/17/18

Documents since 1 Jan 15 involving the ADF executive regarding transgender or prospective transgender staff

External Review - 11 October 2019



47C | 47E(c) | 47F

47C | 47E(c)
9-October-2017 104/17/18

Record of consultation with CFO relating to FOI inquiry 00163

Partial 7
9-October-2017 108/17/18

Top 10 highest transactional value expenditures in CMS for SES(E) level card holders for FY 2016/2017

Full Nil
3-October-2017 373/16/17

Contract Notices CN3428292, CN3428920, CN3430927, CN3430931

Partial 47E | 47G
21-September-2017 069/17/18

Request for military justice system documents

Partial 24A | 47F
20-September-2017 058/17/18

Unit histories for 1RSU

Partial 33 | 47F
15-September-2017 308/16/17

Documents relating to the repairs to HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide from 15 March to 24 April

Partial 47C | 47E | 47F | 47G
8-September-2017 084/17/18

Social media use in a private capacity

Partial 47F
8-September-2017 071/17/18

Most expensive event attended by a Minister or Assistant Minister in your Department's portfolio area in 2016-17

Full Nil
23-June-2017 290/16/17

Military Exports to Saudia Arabia

Internal Review - 30 August 2017



33 | 37 | 47C | 47E | 47F | 47G

33(a)(iii), 47E(d), 47G
28-August-2017 051/17/18

CJOPS Directive 33109 for the MEAO field allowance (FA) review team (F49521) dated 06 May 2009

Partial 33 | 47F
25-August-2017 011/17/18

Historic plans and building/structure information - former Maygar Barracks

Partial 33 | 47F
25-August-2017 297/16/17

PFAS contamination of Army Aviation Centre Oakey and surrounding areas

Full Nil
24-August-2017 036/17/18

Press conference by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and CDF 17 Jul 17

Partial 33 | 47B
18-August-2017 369/16/17

The appointment of Sheikh Mohamadu Nawas Saleem to the Religious Advisory Committee to the Services

Partial 47F
17-August-2017 039/17/18

Prohibited Substance Testing Program Determination Decisions

Partial 24
16-August-2017 015/17/18

Northern Territory National Emergency Response in 2007

Partial 47F
11-August-2017 022/17/18

Planned underground bunker/shelters - Since 1 January 2015

Partial 22 | 33
11-August-2017 045/17/18

Defence inquiries report

Partial 47E
5-July-2017 255/16/17

Specific Investigation Reports Resulting from Unacceptable Behaviour Involving US Armed Services Personnel

Internal Review - 10 August 2017



33 | 47F

33 | 47E | 47F
9-August-2017 336/16/17

Safety issues in Live-fire exercises
Internal Review

Partial 47F
7-August-2017 033/16/17

Defence Instruction (General) Personnel 53-1 - ADF Recognition of interdependent partnerships

Partial 24A
7-August-2017 013/16/17

Title Statistics for drug testing at Lavarack Barracks 2016/17

Full Nil
3-August-2017 370/16/17

HQ 6 CS BDE Junior Leaders Shaping Future Army Course

Partial 22 | 47F
26-July-2017 351/16/17

Documents Relating to Import Offences by ADF Personnel

Partial 22 | 37 | 47F
26-July-2017 362/16/17

AM198044 HQJOC Findings of Field Allowance Audit of Task Group Sites Report Circa June 2009

Partial 24A | 47F
25-July-2017 005/17/18

Department of Defence Code of Conduct Breach Register

Full Nil
24-July-2017 258/16/17

Media Request Relating to Military Curriculum Vitae of Brigadier Kathryn Campbell

Partial 47F
3-July-2017 315/16/17

Negotiations Regarding the Purchase and Licensing of Holocentric Software

Partial 47G

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