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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log FY 13/14

On 1 May 2011, Defence began publishing documents released under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).

The documents released as a result of an FOI request have, due to the redacting processes, been made available on this site in Portable Document Format (PDF). They are available for downloading and printing.

If you require access to the documents in an alternative format please contact the FOI Directorate.

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Date (documents
received by applicant)
FOI No Title (link to documents) Access Exemptions (Link to FOI Act)
3-Jun-2014 373/13/14

Copies of reports from inquiries and investigations regarding Defence Force Correctional Establishments

Partial Access 24A | 33 | 38 | 47F
12-May-2014 350/13/14

Creation of Joint Inter-Agency Liaison Office

Partial Access 33
9-May-2014 324/13/14

Investigation into Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan

Partial Access 33 | 47F
5-May-2014 333/13/14

Award of the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal

Full Access
5-May-2014 302/13/14

Operation VISTA Post-Operation Report

Partial Access 47F
5-May-2014 263/13/14

Documents relating to the forecasting of ANEF Point Cook Airfield

Partial Access 24 | 24A
5-May-2014 354/13/14

Travel documents for Aide-de-Camp accompanying Minister for Defence Materiel 2011-2012

Partial Access 47F
24-Apr-2014 201/13/14

Documents relating to the cull of kangaroos on Swan Island between 1 March 2013 and 31 June 2013

Partial Access 47E | 47F | 47G
23-Apr-2014 246/13/14

Offer of General Service Medal from UK Government in 1991

Partial Access 47F
22-Apr-2014 331/13/14

Documents relating to Applicants request under Archives Act 1983

Full Access
22-Apr-2014 330/13/14

Australian Defence Doctrine Publication ADDP 3.13 - Information Operations

Full Access
17-Apr-2014 340/13/14

Access to section 47F Freedom of Information Act 1982 redactions in FOI 181/13/14

Full Access
11-Apr-2014 318/13/14

Battlesmart Evaluation Reports

Full Access
10-Apr-2014 313/13/14

Documents concerning HMAS Newcastle and the tanker 'Perla'

Partial Access 22 | 47F
02-Apr-2014 311/13/14

Details on the creation of the Joint Inter-Agency Liaison Office (JIALO)

Full Access 22
31-Mar-2014 278/13/14

Access to Statement of Work

Partially Denied 47F
5-Mar-2014 197/13/14

Avalon Airport lease

Partial Access 47
4-Mar-2014 265/13/14

Status Force Agreements and Arrangements - Iraq and Afghanistan

Partial Access 33
27-Feb-2014 250/13/14

Final itinerary & meeting schedule for any visits to Indonesia by any members of the Senior Leadership since 1 September 2013

Partial Access 47F | 22
20-Feb-2014 196/13/14

Documents outlining special meal requests on RAAF VIP flights

Partial Access 47F
19-Feb-2014 202/13/14

F111 Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity and valuations

Partial Access 47F
06-Feb-2014 181/13/14

Strategic Command and Control Lessons - Scoping Study by Noetic Solutions (CN1519751)

  • 181/13/14 Decision letter [PDF, 76 KB]
  • Please refer to FOI 340/13/14 for an updated decision where the document was released in full.
Partial Access 47F
24-Jan-2014 211/13/14

Defence Estate Strategic Review - Darwin

Full Access 22
23-Dec-2013 185/13/14

Documents relating to Operation TAMAR in Rwanda

Partial Access 47F
20-Dec-2013 212/13/14

Attendance costs for Operation SOVEREIGN BORDERS press conferences

Full Access 22
13-Dec-2013 158/13/14

Delegation Details

Full Access 22
5-Dec-2013 165/13/14

ADFIS Service Police report relating to shooting of suspected insurgent on 3 October 2010 in Afghanistan

Partial Access 33 | 42 | 47F
2-Dec-2013 187/13/14

Summary report from Defence WHS incident system involving capsicum spray

Full Access
26-Nov-2013 100/13/14

Incoming Government Brief

Partial Access 33 | 34 | 47C | 47E
18-Nov-2013 056/13/14

Access to documents relating to closed business opportunities, contracts and arrangements

Partial Access 47F | 47G
13-Nov-2013 139/13/14

Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Monitoring of Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) Ground Station, Kojarena WA

Partial Access 24A
12-Nov-13 130/13/14

Defence Safety Management Policy

Full Access
24-Oct-2013 131/13/14

Asbestos register for Singleton 'Lone Pine" Army camp

Partial Access 47F
18-Oct-2013 109/13/14

File series CRS A1946

Partial Access 24 | S33
10-Oct-2013 103/13/14

Guidance provided to ADFA staff regarding management of cadets

Partial Access 47F
01-Oct-2013 057/13/14

Records from Duntroon relating to a public researcher request

Full Access 22
01-Oct-2013 070/13/14

Senate Estimate Briefs from June 2013 hearing - Defence White Paper

Full Access
01-Oct-2013 071/13/14

Senate Budget Estimate Briefing - Defence of Australia's NW and Pilbara regions

Full Access
01-Oct-2013 072/13/14

Senate Budget Estimate Briefing - Turning back the boats

Full Access
01-Oct-2013 073/13/14

Senate Budget Estimate Briefing - Afghanistan transition

Full Access
01-Oct-2013 074/13/14

Senate Budget Estimate Briefing - ADF battle casualties

Full Access
01-Oct-2013 075/13/14

Senate Budget Estimate Briefing - Combat-related deaths or serious injury of Afghan civilians: Allegations of ADF involvement and detainee management in Afghanistan

Full Access
25-Sep-2013 076/13/14

Senate Budget Estimates - Support for physically and mentally injured and ill ADF personnel

Full Access
25-Sep-2013 077/13/14

Senate Budget Estimates - Treatment of homosexual ADF members

Partial Access 47F
17-Sep-2013 059/13/14

Report on current and historical rates of mental illness among personnel deployed on Operation RESOLUTE

Partial Access 47E
05-Sep-2013 034/13/14

Weapon Locating Radars - Project Land 58 AN TPQ36 LOTE

Partial Access 24A | 47G
28-Aug-2013 029/13/14

ADF Involvement in Mardi Gras

Partial Access 24A | 47F
21-Aug-2013 037/13/14

Issue of Army Combat Badge

Partial Access 47F
17-Aug-2013 423/12/13

Index of the most recent Senate Estimates briefing pack prepared for the Secretary and CDF

Full Access
06-Aug-2013 346/12/13

Kangaroo population surveys for Majura Training Area

Full Access 22
31-Jul-2013 007/13/14

Award of Army Combat Badge (ACB) for FSU-6 at Tarin Kowt

Partial Access 47F
30-Jul-2013 403/12/13

Airsoft firearms

Partial Access 33 | 47E
29-Jul-2013 421/12/13

Submissions to the Minister and documents issued by the Minister since June 2011 relating to extended nuclear deterrence

Partial Access 22 | 33 | 47F

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