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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log FY 11/12

On 1 May 2011, Defence began publishing documents released under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).

The documents released as a result of an FOI request have, due to the redacting processes, been made available on this site in Portable Document Format (PDF). They are available for downloading and printing.

If you require access to the documents in an alternative format please contact the FOI Directorate.

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Date (documents
received by applicant)
FOI No Title (link to documents) Access Exemptions (Link to FOI Act)
18-Oct-2012 307/11/12

Public Release of Inquiry Officer Reports

Partial Access 22 | 33 | 38 | 47F
14-Jun-2012 224/11/12

Copy of DLA Piper Report Executive Summary

Full Access
08-Jun-2012 190/11/12

Final report of the Navy Pulse survey

Partial Access 47E
04-Jun-2012 286/11/12

Ministerial Submission - 26 March 2009 Relating to DSA Investigation

Partial Access 33
16-May-2012 265/11/12

Incident on HMAS Torrens on
12 December 1989

Partial Access 47F
11-May-2012 253/11/12

Summary of ADF OHS Incident Reports occurring from 1 January 2011 to 23 March 2012

Full Access
10-May-2012 249/11/12

Cases presented at the Australian Military Court between 1 January 2011 - 22 March 2012

Full Access
03-May-2012 209/11/12

Access to Investigation Documents of an Unauthorised Covert Investigation into MP Fitzgibbon

Partial Access 47F | 22
02-May-2012 268/11/12

Report of proceedings for HMAS Sydney September 1999 - January 2000

Full Access
02-May-2012 248/11/12

Documents relating to security passes at RAAF Williamtown

Partial Access 47F | 33 | 22
27-April-2012 246/11/12

Copy of CASAC Briefing Notes and Response regarding the wearing of berets

Partial Access 47F
27-Apr-2012 228/11/12

Latest draft, or final report arising from the analysis of Laser-Resilience Wave One

Full Access
17-Apr-2012 118/11/12

Coal Seam Gas Exploration - Singleton and Holsworthy

Partial Access 33 | 47F | 47G
5-Apr-2012 222/11/12

Sample report of the 'DFDA Disciplinary KPI Report'

Full Access
26-Mar-2012 206/11/12


Full Access
23-Mar-2012 207/11/12

Minutes of the Chief of Army Advisory Committee meetings banning the wearing of berets

Full Access 22
15-Mar-2012 196/11/12

Number of civilians killed in Afghanistan by Australian soldiers from
30 January 2011 to 30 January 2012

Full Access
09-Mar-2012 189/11/12

Defence involvement or possible involvement in Military Intervention in Libya

Partial Access 7 | 33
24-Feb-2012 171/11/12

Allegations of unacceptable comments posted on Facebook

Partial Access 22 | 47F
22-Feb-2012 157/11/12

Army Sunsmart Policy

Partial Access 24A
16-Feb-2012 156/11/12

Tactical Payment Scheme Payments

Partial Access 33 | 47F
16-Feb-2012 138/11/12

HMAS Success monthly reporting of procedures from ship to fleet for period July 1990 - March 1991

Partial Access 33 | 47F
15-Feb-2012 114/11/12

Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal Inquiry into ADF Service in Somalia between 1992 and 1995

Partial Access 24A
2-Feb-2012 128/11/12

The ADF joint combined training study prepared for the Department by Unmanned Systems Australia Pty Ltd

Full Access
19-Jan-2012 119/11/12

Additional Australian Defence Force Hot Issue Briefs for period 1 July 2010 to 8 November 2011

Partial Access 47F
16-Jan-2012 080/11/12

Export of surplus Victoria and South Australian police firearms

Partial Access 47F | 47G
13-Jan-2012 146/11/12

Direct source of procurement for Defence contracts with IBM - CN447007 and CN433490

Full Access 22
09-Jan-2012 119/11/12

Australian Defence Force Hot Issue Briefs sent to the Minister for Defence for the period 1 July 2010 to
8 November 2011

Partial Access 47F
14-Dec-2011 121/11/12

Wearing of berets

Full Access
09-Dec-2011 059/11/12

Civilian casualty incident involving Australian soldiers in Afghanistan on
12 February 2009

Partial Access 38 | 47F
30-Nov-2011 105/11/12

HDPE Minute (PE97/41331 DEP 2026/98) to CDF dated 8 December 1998

Full Access 7
21-Nov-2011 089/11/12

Flying hours for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles operated by Australians in Afghanistan

Full Access 22
10-Nov-2011 069/11/12

Spreadsheet from the incident report database managed by Chief Information Officer Group

Partial Access 33
08-Nov-2011 357/10/11

Documents relating to nuclear deterrence

Partial Access 33 | 34 | 47F
08-Nov-2011 078/11/12

Ministerial Submission on the performance and readiness of the
4th Brigade in Oruzgan

Partial Access 33
01-Nov-2011 308/10/11

DSA Final investigation reports regarding lost/stolen items, materials, devices for FY05/06 - 09/10

Partial Access 7 | 24A | 33 | 47F | 47G
28-Oct-2011 019/11/12

Dr Gumley's resignation letter and documents relating to his position

Partial Access 24A | 47F
06-Oct-2011 033/11/12

Explosive Ordnance that was listed as missing, stolen or generally unaccounted - 1 January 2009 to 5 July 2011

Full Access 22
15-Sept-2011 021/11/12

Australian Defence Doctrine Publication 3.14 - Targeting

Full Access
14-Sept-2011 327/10/11

Use of RAAF Scherger as a detention facility

Partial Access 42 | 47F | 22
06-Sept-2011 008/11/12

Costs for travel to 2011 Gallipoli Dawn Service

Full Access 22
29-Aug-2011 362/10/11

Review of Changes to ADF Models of Separation for Superannuation Purposes

Partial Access 47G
11-Aug-2011 007/11/12

Defence Wounded in Action Tracking Spreadsheet - CDF/OUT/2011/655 - Attachment A

Partial Access 33 | 47F
08-Aug-2011 336/10/11

HMAS Stuart's Log (February 1988)

Full Access
01-Aug-2011 343/10/11

Number of confirmed Hepatitis C cases reported in Army from 2000 to 2010

Full Access 22
20-Jul-2011 293/10/11

Issue of Vietnam Campaign Medal

Partial Access 47F
20-Jul-2011 303/10/11

Defence submission to the Defence Honours and Awards Tribunal - VCDF/OUT/2010, dated 23 June 2010

Full Access
20-Jul-2011 337/10/11

Documents relating to past acts of naval and military valour - Ordinary Seaman Edward 'Teddy' Sheean

Full Access

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