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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log FY 10/11

On May 2011, Defence began publishing documents released under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act).

The documents released as a result of an FOI request have, due to the redacting processes, been made available on this site in Portable Document Format (PDF). They are available for downloading and printing.

If you require access to the documents in an alternative format please contact the FOI Directorate.

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Date (documents
received by applicant)
FOI No Title (link to documents) Access Exemptions (Link to FOI Act)
(Decision letter and Document 20 May 2011)

(Deferment email and all other Documents)

12 February 2009 - Civilian Casualty Court Martial

Full Access 21
22-Jun-11 267/10/11

Overdue Invoices

Full Access
21-Jun-11 268/10/11

Operation SOLACE - Post Operation Report

Partial Access 33 | 47F
20-Jun-11 273/10/11

Sexual assaults at ADFA

Partial Access 47F
14-Jun-11 294/10/11

Minutes of Reference Group on Women

Full Access
14-Jun-11 258/10/11

Unedited photographs of Corporal Roberts-Smith

Partial Access 33
2-Jun-11 276/10/11

Australian Defence Force Recruiting Policies

Partial Access 24A
27-May-11 234/10/11

Review of ADF Retention and Recruitment Program

Partial Access 33 | 47G
5-Apr-11 216/10/11

Deployment fatigue

Full Access  
8-Feb-11 101/10/11

Incoming Government Brief

Partial Access 7 | 33 | 34 | 47C | 47D | 47G

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