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Members of HMAS Success boarding party while
in the Middle East Region as part of Operation Manitou.

Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) 2015-16

Explanation and purpose of the PBS

PBS as a whole document

Download the entire Defence 2015-16 Portfolio Budget Statements document.

PBS in parts

Preliminaries & User Guide

The purpose of the preliminaries & user guide is to outline the purpose of the PBS 2015-16, provide you with a table of contents and copyright information.

Portfolio Overview

The portfolio overview outlines the responsibilities of the portfolio, lists the relevant agencies and Ministers and the resources available.

Department of Defence – Agency Overview and Resources

Section 1: Defence overview and resources

Section 1 outlines Defence's strategic direction, total resources, budget measures, capital investment, sustainment, operations and Defence workforce and people.

Section 2: Outcomes and planned performance

Section 2 outlines the intended results, impacts or consequences of actions by the Government on the Australian community. Commonwealth programmes are the primary vehicle by which government entities achieve the intended results of their outcome statements.

Section 3: Explanatory tables and financial statements

Section 3 presents explanatory tables and budgeted financial statements which provide a comprehensive snapshot of entity finances for the 2015-16 budget year. It explains how budget plans are incorporated into the financial statements and provides further details of the reconciliation between appropriations and programme expenses, movements in administered funds, special accounts and government indigenous expenditure.

Left: The Royal Australian Navy’s latest helicopter, the MH60R ‘Romeo’ Seahawk, flies past the Navy’s latest ship, NUSHIP Canberra in Sydney, NSW.

Defence Materiel Organisation

Section 1: DMO Overview and resources

Section One provides an overview of the DMO’s functions and responsibilities, including the strategic priorities for 2015-16 and organisational structure, as well as information about its contribution towards its outcomes for the budget year and the resources available. This section also provides summaries of the DMO’s reform initiatives and governance activities.

Section 2: DMO Outcomes and Planned Performance

Section Two provides an overview of the DMO’s outcome and programs, including the Top Projects, the Top Sustainment Products and the Top Minor Projects. This section also provides summaries of the DMO's reform initiatives and governance activities.

Section 3: DMO Explanatory tables and financial statements

This section includes explanatory tables and budgeted financial statements. The explanatory tables include:

  • an explanation of any differences between the information included in the Budget Papers and the PBS arising from the use of the Government Financial Statistics and Australian Accounting Standards accounting methodologies
  • supplementary information on the reconciliation between total available appropriation and outcome attribution, the re-phasing and use of appropriations, special account flows and Australian Government Indigenous Expenditure.

Defence Housing Australia

This part provides an overview of Defence Housing Australia (DHA), including performance forecasts for 2015-16, DHA’s outcome and output, and its 2015-16 budgeted financial statements.

Glossary & Acronyms

A glossary and list of acronyms.

Styles and Conventions Used

Figures in tables and in the text may be rounded. Figures in text are generally rounded to one decimal place, whereas figures in tables are generally rounded to the nearest thousand. Discrepancies in tables between totals and sums of components are due to rounding.