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Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2004-05

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The purpose of the Defence portfolio additional estimates statements, like that of the portfolio budget statements, is to inform Senators and Members of the basis for the revised Defence budget, with particular emphasis on the proposed appropriations in Appropriation Bills (Nos 3 and 4) 2004-05.

This document contains the portfolio additional estimates for the Defence Housing Authority, which provides housing to meet Defence's requirements.

The document does not address the Department of Veterans' Affairs, which is part of the Defence portfolio but for which statements are tabled separately.

The structure of the Portfolio Additional Estimate Statements 2004-05, as outlined below, is on an 'except for' basis. Only changes that have occurred since the Portfolio Budget Statements 2004-05 are reported. If there are no changes, for example, in discretionary grants from Chapter Two, no information is reported.

User guide

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Chapter One - Overview

This chapter contains:

  • an update on the strategic environment and Defence's strategic objectives;
  • revisions to White Paper implementation; and
  • changes to Defence's organisational structure.
[Ch 1 PDF - 809 KB]
[Ch 1 RTF - 1.28 MB]

Chapter Two - Resourcing

This chapter outlines revisions to Defence's financial outlook for 2004-05, including:

  • a budget summary with revised estimates; and
  • a reference to the purchaser-provider arrangements with the Defence Housing Authority and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
[Ch 2 PDF - 148 KB]
[Ch 2 RTF - 241 KB]

Chapter Three - Capital Budget

This chapter focuses on revisions to Defence's capital budget for 2004-05. It includes information on:

  • an overview of the approved major capital equipment program, with further details in Chapter Seven (Defence Materiel Organisation);
  • medium and major capital facilities projects, with descriptions of significant major facilities;
  • other capital purchases; and
  • capital receipts.
[Ch3 PDF - 134 KB]
[Ch3 RTF - 188 KB]

Chapter Four - Planned Outcome Performance

This chapter provides an update to the delivery of the outcomes required by the Government. It reports on revisions to Defence's planned achievement against seven outcomes and 31 outputs. The chapter contains:

  • a schematic illustration of Defence's outcome and output structure;
  • a breakdown of the revised estimated cost of each outcome; and
  • reporting of any revisions to planned performance by output.
[Ch4 PDF - 211 KB]
[Ch4 RTF - 556 KB]

Chapter Five - People

This chapter provides an update on how Defence is attracting and leading people and maximising their skills and knowledge in order for it to deliver outcomes in a sustainable way. The information provided in this chapter includes:

  • revisions to planned performance; and
  • a workforce summary.
[Ch5 PDF - 108 KB]
[Ch5 RTF - 122 KB]

Chapter Six - Management Reforms and Efficiencies

This chapter updates information on the implementation over 2004-05 of internal business processes that are designed to ensure sustainable delivery of outcomes. The chapter includes information on:

  • progress of reforms to Defence's budgeting and business systems and processes;
  • delivery of internal services; and
  • revisions to portfolio evaluations.
[Ch6 PDF - 97 KB]
[Ch6 RTF - 49 KB]

Chapter Seven - Defence Materiel Organisation

This chapter anticipates the Defence Materiel Organisation becoming a prescribed agency from 1 July 2005. The information in this chapter includes:

  • revisions to key elements of the Defence Materiel Organisation's overall budget - operating, purchases and inventory; and
  • details of the performance and estimated expenditure of the top 30 major capital equipment projects, including project descriptions. The 2005-06 budget statements will contain separate financial statements and performance information for the Defence Materiel Organisation.
[Ch7 PDF - 146 KB]
[Ch7 RTF - 105 KB]


This chapter contains the revised budgeted financial statements and notes for 2004-05 and forward estimates.

[Appendices PDF - 167 KB]
[Appendices RTF - 358 KB]

Defence Housing Authority

This chapter contains an overview of the authority, including revisions to performance forecasts for 2004-05, and a detailed tabular explanation of the 2004-05 budget and forward estimates.

[DHA PDF - 163 KB]
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Entire PAES document

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