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Program 3.1 - Defence Contribution to National Support Tasks in Australia

National support tasks undertaken by the ADF may include securing of the Australian coastline from illegal immigration, smuggling, quarantine evasion and other intrusions to Australian sovereignty; counter-terrorism responses; search and rescue; and natural disaster relief.

The ADF contributes to Border Protection Command tasking, providing maritime surveillance assets that are routinely tasked in accordance with the Government' s direction.

Pressures arising from sustained deployment of major force elements were addressed through closely monitoring ADF concurrency to ensure the ADF retained flexible response options in support of the priorities of the Government. Any deterioration in the security environment requiring additional ADF elements was managed by working closely with federal and state agencies to monitor threats.

Seven RAN patrol boats and a major fleet unit with Transit Security Element teams embarked, and three RAAF AP-3C Maritime Patrol Aircraft were continuously provided in support of Border Protection Command. Army Regional Force Surveillance Units provided periodic littoral area patrols in support of the operation.

Table 3.56 - Program 3.1 deliverables
Operation Objective Status
Resolute 2006- Contribute to a whole-of-government effort covering maritime enforcement activity Met
Flood/fire relief in Northern NSW, Southern Qld, WA and Vic The ADF provided support the Qld, NSW, WA and Vic governments in the wake of serious flooding/fire events Met
Table 3.57 - Program 3.1 key performance indicators
Key performance indicator Status
Defence's contribution to national support tasks in Australia meets government directives Met
Defence's response to requests for Defence Force Aid to civilian authorities is effectively managed, sustained and reported Met
Defence's response to requests for Defence assistance to the civil community is effectively managed, sustained and reported Met