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Program 1.13 - Defence People

Defence recognises that its people are fundamental to Defence capability and seeks to ensure that there is a correct balance of ADF, APS and contracted personnel with the appropriate skills and experience required to deliver Defence capabilities. People in Defence-generating the capability for the future force and its companion document, the Annual people plan 2012-13, provide a strategic approach to people matters in Defence.

These documents articulated strategic people objectives and identified a range of people-related projects and initiatives that were undertaken in 2012-13. Collectively, these projects and initiatives are aimed at ensuring that Defence maintains the workforce capability required to achieve its strategic outcomes as directed by the Government.

The two primary objectives of the Defence People Group (DPG) were to deliver sustainable people capability to support the achievement of Defence's key outcomes and lead workforce and shared services reform in the human resource function for the APS workforce across the organisation.

The final phase of the formation of the Defence People Group was completed in 2012-13 with the transfer of the Defence Community Organisation and the People Services Branch from Defence Support and Reform Group, and human resources elements from the other groups and Services. Following completion of the consolidation of various people strategy, policy and service delivery functions in the group, the focus has turned to the stabilisation of shared services as standard business operations.

Cultural reform continued as a high priority in the group, with notable achievements including the development of implementation mechanisms for Pathway to Change. These mechanisms seek to ensure that the reforms required to meet Defence's key outcomes are supported by the necessary shifts in attitude and behaviour.

Table 3.34 - Program 1.13 deliverables

Table 3.34 - Program 1.13 deliverables
Deliverable Status
Provide timely, accurate and high-quality advice on key people issues to the Secretary, the CDF and the Government Met
Complete the projects and initiatives described in the Annual People Plan in order to deliver sustainable people capability through the development of:
  • an attractive and compelling employment offe
  • a work environment that delivers on its commitments to our people
  • an effective and efficient people system
Substantially met
Lead the implementation of Human Resource Shared Services and Workforce and Shared Services Reform and savings across the organisation Met
Deliver group-specific reform and savings Met
Establishment of an Organisational Development Unit within DPG to coordinate Defence-wide implementation of Pathway to Change Met
Establishment of an Organisational Response Unit within DPG to facilitate Defence's interaction with the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce established by government in response to the report of the DLA Piper Review into allegations of sexual or other forms of abuse in Defence Met
Establishment of a Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Office to ensure members who report or disclose incidents of sexual misconduct are given appropriate support to assist with their immediate safety and well being, their care and recovery, and their return to their full work potential Met

Table 3.35 - Program 1.13 key performance indicators

Table 3.35 - Program 1.13 key performance indicators
Key performance indicator Status
Advice to the Secretary, CDF and the government on people issues is timely and of a high quality Met
Projects and initiatives described in the Annual People Plan, which are aimed at delivering a sustainable people capability for Defence, are completed in a timely manner and achieve the desired outcomes Substantially met
Human Resource Shared Services and Workforce and Shared Services Reforms are achieved in a timely manner, and are effective in reducing costs and improving efficiency across Defence Met
Culture reform is implemented across Defence Substantially met
Group-specific outcomes and programs (including those related to Workforce and Shared Services reform) are achieved in a timely manner Met
Provide professional support services to ADF members and families, including delivery of family support programs and bereavement support in the event of death and serious casualties Met
Ensure timely recognition of ADF members and ex-serving members in accordance with the Australian and Imperial Honours and Awards systems and civilian long service recognition Substantially met