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Program 1.12 - Chief Finance Officer

The Chief Finance Officer Group is responsible for giving strategic financial advice and information to ministers, the Secretary, the CDF and Defence senior leaders. It provides a whole-of-Defence focus for planning, management, monitoring and reporting of key deliverables to the Government, including Defence's outputs.

Defence's financial statements, Portfolio Budget Statements and Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements were prepared and submitted within all reporting deadlines. All whole-of-government reporting requirements were achieved. The Defence Control Effectiveness Report was delivered and Chief Executive Instructions were maintained and updated to reflect changes to financial regulation and policy.

The group is responsible for Defence's financial governance and assurance and manages Defence's budget and its financial policies, principles and practices in accordance with the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997. The group drives Defence's financial management and improvement programs through providing a shared financial services capability to Defence.

Highlights of the group's achievements during the year have included:

  • continued remediation of Defence's financial statements, with the number of Category B findings by the ANAO reducing from 10 in 2011-12 to eight in 2012-13
  • coordination of the annual budget cycle process and production of the Portfolio Budget Statements and Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements 2012-13
  • introduction of shared financial services across Defence
  • enhanced management of taxation and treasury activities across Defence.
Table 3.32 - Program 1.12 deliverables
Deliverable Status
Defence financial statements met
Defence Portfolio Budget Statements met
Defence Portfolio Additional Estimates Statements met
Defence Control Effectiveness Report met
Defence Chief Executive's Instructions met
Monthly/annual input to whole-of-government reporting met
Table 3.33 - Program 1.12 key performance indicators
Key performance indicator Status
Provide timely and high-quality financial advice to the minister, the Secretary and CDF met
Produce Defence's Budget, Financial Statements and the annual Defence Management and Finance Plan within agreed statutory timeframes met
Maintain unqualified Financial Statements met