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Program 1.10 - Joint Operations Command

The Chief of Joint Operations, Joint Operations Command supports the planning and conduct of military campaigns, operations, joint exercises, and the preparation of military options for contingencies and crisis management. The Chief of Joint Operations is responsible to the CDF for the effective conduct of military planning and is the CDF's principal adviser on operational matters.

Joint Operations Command conducts joint and combined exercises through the planning, conduct, and evaluation of exercises in accordance with the endorsed Program of Major Service Activities. In 2012-13, all major exercise commitments were met.

Table W3.1: Program 1.10 joint and combined activities in 2012-13

Table W3.1: Program 1.10 joint and combined activities in 2012-13
Activity Description
Combined ADF - Five Power Defence Arrangement exercises
Bersama Shield April 2012 An exercise held in the Singapore and Malaysian air space and adjacent waters in the South China Sea, designed to practise joint operations for the defence of the region.
Suman Protector October 2012 A large-scale multilateral exercise that rotates between the armed forces of Malaysia and Singapore, as host and lead planner. Suman Protector is conducted every five years as part of the Five Power Defence Arrangement
Combined ADF - United States exercises
Gold Eagle June-August 2012 June 2013 A company-level exchange between the US Marine Corps (USMC) and Australian Army to enhance interoperability between the two services and contribute to USMC and Australian Army relations.
Southern Frontier July 2013 A USMC annual F/A-18 deployment to northern Australia for air-to-ground training including use of Australian ranges.
Lungfish August 2012 A tactical development exercise with the Royal Australian Navy and US Navy to develop doctrine and tactics for anti-submarine warfare operations.
Defence Trial 901-Advanced ISR Assessment January-March 2013 A series of trials to develop an advanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capability, in consultation with the United States.
VFA (USMC) Detachment March 2013 USMC fighter squadron deployments to various RAAF bases for mutually beneficial training.
Dawn Blitz June 2013 A US Navy Third Fleet amphibious exercise that takes place on the western seaboard of the continental United States.
Other joint and combined and single Service overseas exercises
Longlook Exchange April-August 2013 An annual exchange program between the ADF and UK Armed Forces to promote interoperability and knowledge-sharing.
Rifle Company Butterworth Exchange May-July 2012 August-October 2012 November 2012 - January 2013 February-April 2013 May-July 2013 A three-monthly rotational deployment of an Australian Army infantry company, Rifle Company Butterworth, Malaysia, to conduct training and participate in exercises in the region.
Pacific Partnership May-August 2012 An annual humanitarian civic assistance program sponsored by the United States. It provides assistance to local populations in the Pacific region. Up to 200 members from the Army, Navy and Air Force are involved in the exercise.
Vector Balance Action June-July 2012 An Australian Army exercise conducted with the United States at various Army bases in Australia. The focus of the activity is to train in simulated complex urban environments that are external to Australia.
Pozieres Prospect June-July 2012 February-March 2013 A series of exercises to train the Army as a stepping stone to becoming certified as a joint task force headquarters. Exercise Vital Prospect replaced Pozieres Prospect in early 2013 and will culminate in the formal certification of several Defence units to operate as key components in international coalition operations.
Hamel June-July 2012 An Army exercise designed to develop, confirm and evaluate the foundation war fighting skills of the brigade. It is run annually.
Rim of the Pacific July 2012 A large exercise conducted by the US Third Fleet in the Hawaiian exercise areas to practise maritime operations (air, sea and amphibious operations). All three Services of the ADF participate in this exercise.
Iron Rotor July 2012 Helicopter activity to practice special recovery operations.
Precise Response July 2012 A chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear and explosives training exercise conducted at the Canadian Counter-Terrorism Technology Center in Alberta, Canada.
Proliferation Security Initiative July 2012 September 2012 Exercises that are designed to develop and practise the identification and interception of weapons of mass destruction and related materials.
Precision Red July 2012 November 2012 A flight training exercise conducted every six months (July and November) in the Townsville and Shoalwater Bay training areas. It involves tactical C-130J flying to simulate conditions expected on operations in the Middle East Area of Operations.
Night Lion July 2012 A training exercise held in Singapore between the Australian Army and the Republic of Singapore Armed Services.
Pirap Jabiru July 2012 A multilateral seminar activity co-hosted by Thailand and Australia and conducted in Thailand. The exercise is focused on developing understanding of strategic, operational and tactical aspects of UN peace operations. The regional focus of the activity assists in the development of networks and enhances regional military relationships.
Exchange Program Anzac July-October 2012 An annual exchange program with New Zealand (up to a maximum of 50 personnel) to promote interoperability between the ADF and the New Zealand Defence Force.
Pitch Black July 2012 The largest international exercise conducted by the RAAF. It is conducted every two years during the Northern Territory dry season in July/August. It involves fighter aircraft operations from the United States, New Zealand and South East Asia.
Tropic Twilight August 2012 A New Zealand-led humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise, held annually in Samoa and/or Tuvalu. It provides an opportunity to practise collaborative civil-military emergency responses to events in tropical environments.
Khaan Quest August 2012 A tactical exercise conducted in Mongolia. The focus is to develop peacekeeping capabilities and build military-to-military relationships in the Asia-Pacific region.
Ulchi Freedom Guardian August 2012 An annual exercise conducted in the Republic of Korea for Korean and US defence forces to practise responding to security threats on the Korean Peninsula. Multi-national participation in the exercises is predicated upon member states being signatories of the 1953 Declaration and Commitment to the United Nations Command in Korea. Australia is a signatory and therefore participates so that Australia can contribute to the development of any contingency plans that may be in the national interest.
Dawn Caracha August 2012 An Army-led training exercise in the Philippines to enhance interoperability and increase core skills of both Australian and Philippines defence forces.
Night Walker August-September 2012 Singaporean Air Force high-altitude paratrooper free-fall military training in Australia. There is no ADF involvement apart from coordination.
Tri Crab August 2012 A training exercise to practise explosive ordnance demolition and improvised explosive device destruction in a controlled environment.
Red Pegasus August 2012 March 2013 A parachute training exercise to maintain currency of the individual certifications in parachuting skills. It is conducted at various ADF establishments.
KakaduAugust - September 2012 An Australian-led maritime exercise to develop maritime skills in consultation with regional nations.
Dawn Kouprey August-September 2012 An Army exercise conducted in Cambodia with a counter-terrorism focus.
Puk Puk September-October 2012 An annual exercise to promote engineering interoperability with the Engineer Battalion of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF).
Black Dagger September-October 2012 February-March 2013 Joint terminal attack controller courses, which train specialist staff in controlling aircraft onto targets.
Tempest Express September 2012 May 2013 Exercises conducted by various countries in the Asia-Pacific region as part of the Multinational Planning Augmentation Team program sponsored by US Pacific Command. Exercises are conducted once or twice a year, depending on commitments by contributing nations.
Olgetta Warrior September-October 2012 A training exercise conducted with the PNGDF designed to enhance mutual understanding between the Army and the PNGDF. It also provides a very challenging training environment for Army personnel.
Logi Tura September-October 2012 An annual attachment of PNGDF logistics personnel to the Army for mentoring and skills development.
Coalition Virtual Flag September 2012 A US Air Force-led simulated mission operations centre activity conducted in the United States each year.
Phoenix Black September 2012 November-December 2012 March 2013 May 2013 June 2013 A joint terminal attack course training series for qualified Army specialist personnel. The skill set is related to controlling aircraft onto targets.
International Mine Countermeasure Exercise September 2012 May 2013 A multinational exercise sponsored by the US Navy Central Command to integrate international mine countermeasures forces within the Middle East Area of Operations.
Dawn Komodo September 2012 An Army-led training team deployment to Indonesia aimed at enhancing regional interoperability and developing an understanding of the operating environment in Indonesia.
Night Tiger September 2012 May 2013 An Army-led training team deployment to Malaysia for mutual counter-terrorism training.
Matilda September-October 2012 A company/squadron-level exercise to achieve Army and Defence international engagement objectives with Singapore Armed Forces through activities to enhance the mutual understanding of the respective mechanised and armoured operations of each Force.
Rajawali Ausindo September 2012 Rajiwali Ausindo is a bilateral tactical airdrop and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise with Indonesia with the aim of enhancing bilateral relations. The activity aims to promote an improved level of tactical low-level flight and airdrop cooperation between the nations.
Singaroo September 2012 A combined maritime exercise designed to improve interoperability of Australia and Singapore in all facets of naval warfare in order to undertake effective maritime operations.
Iron Moon September 2012 An Army-led domestic and international counter-terrorism exercise designed to assess emerging and developing Army capabilities. International participants may include the United States, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.
Night Falcon September-November 2012 An Army unit collective training activity conducted in a jungle environment. It may be conducted in any location deemed suitable for this activity but is normally conducted in Lae.
Tamex September 2012 Jan 2013 May 2013 Primarily an anti-submarine warfare enabling activity for 92 Wing (P-3C Orion aircraft).
Wallaby September-November 2012 A Singapore Armed Forces unilateral training exercise including air assets in Australia.
Wontok Warrior September-October 2012 An annual forces command exercise with PNGDF to develop relations and enhance interoperability.
Helicon Luk September-October 2012 An annual high-density rotary wing certification exercise for Australian aircrew conducted in the PNG Highlands.
Eastern Endeavour September 2012 International engagement to prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, normally conducted in the Republic of Korea.
Sea Lion September-October 2012 An Australian-only exercise conducted in Cairns, Shoalwater Bay and Townsville training areas. It is a basic amphibious collective exercise in a non-hostile environment.
Star Leopard October 2012 A combined training activity held in Australia between 1 Commando Regiment and the Royal Brunei Armed Forces Special Forces Regiment.
Argonaut October 2012 A non-combat evacuation operation coordination centre exercise conducted in Cyprus by member nations of the NEO Coordination Group. Participating nations include Australia, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Croix du Sud October 2012 A Field Training Exercise series held in Noumea as part of French regional engagement in the south-west Pacific region. This involved the Forces Armées en Nouvelle Calédon and invited nations, including Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Vanuatu, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and French Forces Pacific, based in Tahiti.
Albatros Ausindo October 2012 Bilateral maritime surveillance activity conducted between the Australian and Indonesian Air Forces.
Cambrian Patrol October-November 2012 The premier patrolling exercise for the British Regular and Reserve Army. The exercise is set within a tactical scenario in the hills and forests of mid-Wales. The patrol is arduous and concentrates on leadership, teamwork, physical fitness, military skills and basic patrolling. 
Arnhem Thunder October-November 2012 May-June 2013 The primary annual bombing exercise for 81 Wing conducted from Tindal, and occasionally Darwin.
Lumbas October 2012 A maritime security exercise conducted with the Philippines in the Philippines.
Cooperation Spirit October 2012 A bilateral desktop exercise with China focused on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.
Coalition Attack Guidance Experiment October-November 2012 A series of experiments, sponsored by Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States, that examine joint fires and digital command and control system integration in a distributed coalition setting.
Long Reach Tonga October-November 2012 A combined planning activity aimed at developing contingency or operational plans for a military or security forces response within a whole-of-government approach to a natural disaster in the host nation. The exercise provides staff with skills in planning for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations in the south-west Pacific region, as well as providing the opportunity to work with regional and other agencies that may be involved in disaster relief operations.
Vigilant Pacific November 2012 An Australian-US command-led annual combined intelligence exercise. Other participants include Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.
Global Thunder November 2012 An annual US Strategic Command-sponsored exercise involving field activities including command and control and deterrence aspects.
Ferocious Falcon November 2012 A newly created multilateral exercise conducted in Qatar.
Pae Tata November 2012 A tactical-level enabling activity for Exercise Southern Katipo. The overarching aim is to exercise Australian and New Zealand defence force elements in the conduct of operational-level planning, and tactical-level execution of amphibious operations.
Dawn Tiger November 2012 A combined training activity conducted in Malaysia between the ADF's Special Air Service Regiment and the Malaysian Armed Forces and Navy Special Forces.
Paradise November 2012 A combined patrol boat exercise. It is the key maritime exercise with PNG maritime operations elements.
Emu Moon November 2012 A biannual tactical parachuting continuation training activity conducted for Special Air Service Regiment personnel.
High Sierra November-December 2012 An Air Combat Group aircraft exercise incorporating an F/A-18 operational conversion course.
Platypus Moon November-December 2012 June 2013 Collins class submarine training with the Army.
Precision Support November-December 2012 Combat support for Precision Red, enabling Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron training and certification.
Pozieres Launch November 2012 February 2013 A Headquarters 1 Division-led joint planning team augmented by joint enabling staff and inter-agency representatives to develop a Commander Joint Operations Operational Order to support Exercise Pozieres Prospect in 2013. It required specialists from across all three Services, with Army taking the lead.
Triton Thunder November 2012 Maritime Exercise to practise the tactical build up of a minor war vessel concentration period. This exercise covers the tactical development training that is not covered in the ongoing Operation Resolute mission-readiness work-up.
Dugong November-December 2012 A mine-clearance and explosive ordnance disposal exercise.
Dawn Buraq November 2012 A combined training activity between the United Arab Emirates between the United Arab Emirates Special Operations Command and the ADF's 2nd Commando Regiment held in the United Arab Emirates
Night Koi December 2012 Combined training with Japan Special Operations Group in Counter Terrorism techniques.
Night Eagle December 2012 A Special Air Service Regiment patrol exchange to the United States Joint Special Operations Command's Combat Applications Group
Night Buffalo December 2012 A bilateral training activity conducted in Vietnam.
Pacific Kukri January-March 2013 A biennial exercise to facilitate and support specified training objectives in Australia.  It involved the Royal Ghurkha Rifle Company practising operations in an unfamiliar environment (other than the jungle).
Cope North February 2013 A two week tri-lateral exercise conducted annually at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam in February-March. Air force units from Australia, Japan and the United States participate in both large force employment air combat exercises and in a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief scenario.
Mulgogger February 2013 An exercise to work up elements to unit-readiness levels as appropriate in order to meet specified readiness requirements for tasks related to mine warfare and clearance diving.
Cobra Gold February 2013 A Thailand-US planned activity held annually in Thailand. Indonesia, Japan and Singapore are also invited to participate in the exercise. The activity is focused on planning and practising stabilisation operations within a multinational combined task force or UN peacekeeping force context.
Emu Moon February-March 2013 A biannual tactical parachuting continuation training activity conducted for Special Air Service Regiment personnel.
Fighter Combat Instructor Course February-March 2013 A course for the RAAF Air Combat Group.
Aces South April 2013 The culmination of the RAAF Fighter Combat Instructor Course Air-Air phase. It is a six-month course conducted every 18 months to two years.
Red Flag February-March 2013 August 1 An exercise conducted in the United States at the Nellis Air Force Base. The aim is practise high-end warfighting against a highly capable and technologically advanced adversary. It is focused on large-scale offensive counter air.
Australian International Airshow February 2013 The Avalon Airshow is held biannually on odd years. It is run by the Air Shows Down Under organisation. Headquarters Air Command coordinates, with input from Air Force Headquarters, the RAAF and ADF involvement. During the same period, the Chief of the Air Force holds a conference for visiting chiefs of air force. 
Aman March 2013 A biennial multinational exercise, comprising rudimentary warfare serials, that aims to promote Pakistan as a country contributing towards peace and stability in the region. The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) participates in the 'Harbour' and 'Sea' Phases of the exercise.
Star Panther March 2013 An Army-led training advisory team conducted in Australia, focused on counter-terrorism.
Nimble Titan 14 March 2013 A US-sponsored multinational exercise campaign conducted over a two-year period focusing on ballistic missile defence. The March 2013 activity was an operational planning exercise conducted in Japan.
Key Resolve March 2013 An annual United States - Republic of Korea exercise designed to practise response contingencies to a regime change or collapse of government in North Korea.
AusThai March 2013 A maritime operations training exercise.
Dawn Kookaburra March-April 2013 AN Army-led training advisory team conducted in Australia with the Indonesian Armed Forces
Shanti Prayas II March 13 US Pacific Command sponsors the multinational Global Peace Operations Initiative program, which focuses on developing a cadre of peacekeepers in the Asia-Pacific. The program's capstone event for 2013 was Shanti Prayas II, which was hosted in Nepal by the Nepalese Army and US Pacific Command.
Viller-Bretonneux March-April 2013 A platoon-level exchange with the French Army in New Caledonia to achieve Army and Defence international engagement objectives.
LIMA Exhibition March 2013 RAAF participation in the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA) Exhibition.​
Mars Rotor March 2013 A counter-terrorism exercise, designed to resolve domestic terrorist incidents conducted in the Sydney area, by the Army with support from the other ADF Services and other government agencies.
Ventail April 2013 An electronic warfare self-protection test and evaluation training conducted in the United States. ​
Squadex April 2013 A Navy training exercise on heavy landing craft, such as HMAS Tobruk, conducted in the Shoalwater Bay area, Queensland. This exercise was part of the preparation and ongoing training for being part of an amphibious task group.
Capex April 2013 An exercise dealing with the response to any chemical, biological or radiological incident, conducted with Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.
Balikatan April 2013 A US-Philippines sponsored exercise designed to train forces in a range of operational scenarios including conventional operations, peace support operations, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Since 2012, it has grown to include a multilateral element, including ADF participation.
Angel Thunder April 2013 A joint personnel recovery training activity for the ADF, conducted in the United States.
Titan Olympics April 2013 A contingency operations training and certification exercise for the Army.
Ssang Yong April-May 2013 A joint US - Republic of Korea marine amphibious exercise in Korea.
Python April 2013 A new table-top activity designed to activate a whole-of-government response to protect Australian Government interests in the north-west region of Australia.
Iron Rotor April-May 2013 A rotary wing training activity for currency of helicopter insertion and extraction techniques and special recovery operations profiles.It runs for two weeks and may include Navy assets for deck landing qualifications and ship underway recovery if Navy assets are available.
Surfrider May 2013 Electronic warfare and self-protection trials conducted at Woomera for relevant air frames.
Australian Skill at Arms Meeting May 2013 An annual competition involving Australian tri-Service participation and international competitors.
Max Thunder May 2013 A biannual (May and October) Republic of Korea Air Force and US Air Force joint air training exercise. Korea leads one iteration from Kwangju Air Base and the United States leads the other from Kunsan Air Force Base each year. Most flying activity takes place in segregated, over-water airspace to the west of the Korean Peninsula. Planned RAAF participation is in the May iteration only and during odd-numbered years.
ASEAN Regional Forum Disaster Relief Exercise May 2013 A multinational humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise forum focusing on improving international coordination and providing some national capacity building to the host state. Relevant subject matter experts provide planning in relation to disaster relief operations.
FFG Embed May 2013 An ADF member was embedded on a US Navy ship to enhance interoperability and knowledge-sharing.
Day Binary May 2013 An Army chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosives training and certification exercise in a special recovery operations environment.
Mars Anchor May 2013 A maritime counter-terrorism training exercise conducted primarily at Enoggera Army Base in Queensland, with support from a ship tied up in the Brisbane area.
Mars Flash May 2013 A maritime counter-errorism training exercise conducted at Enoggera Army Base.
Garuda Kookaburra May 2013 An Indonesia-Australia bilateral desktop peacekeeping exercise consisting of seminars and syndicate activities.
Bell Buoy May 2013 A Pacific and Indian Oceans Naval Cooperation and Guidance for Shipping command post exercise designed to test and evaluate interoperability of national operations to meet a threat to sea lines of communications, as well as asymmetrical threat and crisis response operations.
Marchs Toothfish May 2013 A 2nd Commando Regiment exercise that involves either a ship underway or ship at anchor scenario within Australian waters.
International Maritime Defence Exhibition May 2013 International Maritime Defence Exhibitions are conducted frequently by multiple nations throughout the world.​
Southern Jackaroo May 2013 A training activity involving soldiers from Australia, Japan and the United States that promotes mutual understanding, exposes participants to other nations' military culture and enhances the skills and experience of the individual.
Waxing Moon May 2013 A scheduled domestic security exercise.
Wombat May-July 13 An annual exercise conducted by the Republic of Singapore Air Force C-130 detachment at RAAF Base Richmond for airdrop training.
Aces North June 2013 The culmination of the RAAF Fighter Combat Instructor Course. It is a six-month course conducted every 18 months to two years.
SOTG Mission Rehearsal Exercise June 2013 A mission-specific training and mission rehearsal exercise for all force elements deploying to Afghanistan on Operation Slipper.
Aceh Spirit/Indon Hadrex June 2013 A trilateral humanitarian assistance and disaster relief activity between Indonesia, the United States and Australia with observers invited from East Asia Summit countries. The scenario is based on an earthquake on a fictitious island off the coast of Australia.
Anatolian Eagle June 2013 An exercise designed to be a realistic operational air environment in which tactical training, using NATO doctrine, is the focus. Large force employment missions are used in a contested air environment and with simulated opposing forces using electronic warfare capabilities. Turkish forces operate hosted multiple other nations' air forces.
Eager Lion June 2013 An annual multilateral exercise co-hosted by the Jordanian Armed Force and Central Command in Jordan. The exercise aims to facilitate interoperability between coalition partners in support of global contingency operations and to develop and enhance capabilities in the Jordanian Armed Force while operating in a joint and inter-agency environment.
ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting plus Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief and Military Medicine Exercise June 2013 An activity involving 18 countries participating in a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercise with a focus on military medicine. The exercise was conducted in Brunei as it holds the chair of the ASEAN meeting for 2013. The co-hosts for the exercise were Singapore, China and Japan. Vietnam was the co-chair of the two expert working groups planning the exercise. The ADF committed an engineer support focus team.
Turbo Transition June 2013 A US Transport Command joint logistics enabling event to be held at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois. The event will focus on expeditionary theatre opening logistics issues to include improving theatre distribution, working shorter logistics cycles, rapid access to logistics enablers and other joint logistics-related topics.
Titan Hammer June 2013 A heavy weapons training exercise conducted by Commando Company Group at Singleton Range. 
Dawn Panther June 2013 An Army-led training advisory team conducted in Thailand, to enhance regional interoperability and develop understanding of Thailand special forces and counter-terrorism units.
Able Response June 2013 A Republic of Korea - United States anti-bioterrorism exercise. It is a table-top exercise in which the participants discuss potential courses of action regarding simulated scenarios, and identify any shortcomings and areas of improvement in the existing response system.
AusSing June-July 2013 A small arms live firing exercise conducted by the Singapore Police Force, Gurkha Contingent.
Day Shark June-July 2013 A gas oil platform/offshore energy installation recovery training exercise which can occur in multiple locations.

Regular assessments of current campaigns were conducted to report on progress, risk and additional planning requirements. Joint Operations Command identified the forces and resources necessary to achieve and sustain joint operational effects and provided timely advice to withdraw deployed forces for reconstitution when they are no longer required for operations. It captured operational lessons in order to inform future planning and doctrine.

Joint Operations Command facilitated considered military options to understand the availability of ADF capability for the conduct of deliberate, immediate and crisis planning. It developed a regional campaigning framework to synchronise single Service, joint and combined military activities with whole-of-government activities.

Joint Operations Command conducted military operational planning, including the development and maintenance of contingency and operational plans. It routinely assessed the developing security environment to identify future planning priorities. As a result, it maintained relevant contingency plans for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, the evacuation of non-combatants and stability operations.

Table 3.28 - Program 1.10 deliverables

Table 3.28 - Program 1.10 deliverables
Deliverable Status
Provide input, in the form of reporting, analysis, plans and preparedness requirements, to the strategic-level ADFHQ and Commonwealth national security decision-making committees on military options and operational matters associated with current operational commitments and future directed contingencies met
Plan control, conduct and evaluate the ADF and, where applicable, the whole of government and/or coalition contributions to Government-directed operational commitments met
Plan control, conduct and evaluate the ADF's contributions to Defence Assistance to the Civil Community and Defence Force Assistance to the Civil Authority and plan for and coordinate Search and Rescue for military purposes met
Plan control, conduct and evaluate the ADF's participation in non-operational domestic and international joint, interagency and bilateral and multilateral exercises and engagement activities scheduled in the endorsed Program of Major Service Activities met
Maintain partnerships, collaboration and effective information sharing related to operational matters at the national level and effective engagement at the international level met
Provide advice to Service Headquarters, other Defence groups and other government departments as necessary to support the development of policy and capability in relation to current, planned and anticipated operations met
Contribute to group-specific reforms and cost reductions met

Table 3.29 - Program 1.10 key performance indicators

Table 3.29 - Program 1.10 key performance indicators
Key performance indicator Status
Input to strategic-level decision-making committees on military options and operational matters, and other advice on the development of capability, is timely and accurate met
Operations achieve the Government's direction and intent, and/or, where applicable, the whole-of-government strategy met
Forces are deployed and sustained efficiently and effectively, and in accordance with agreed time frames met
Operational options and plans are identified as innovative solutions that align with strategic guidance and contribute to meeting government direction, reduce risk, conserve resources and reduce adverse effects on directed ADF preparedness levels met
ADF operations and non-operational activities are planned, controlled and conducted in accordance with the promulgated Rules of Engagement and operational governance requirements in the areas of medical administration and clinical governance, and personnel, logistics, finance and contract management met