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Corrections to the Defence Annual Report 2011-12

Part 1

  • Page 55, Program 1.5 Deliverables, deliverable vi: Status for 2011-12 should read 3 ticks.
  • Page 138, Cross-Portfolio Reports, Report No 33 - Management of ePassports, tabled 22 May, should have the following objective:
    The objective of the audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's (DFAT) implementation of biometric technology to meet international requirements for enhanced passport security. In particular, the audit examined whether:
    • Australian ePassports meet international requirements and coordination with Australian stakeholders is effective
    • Australian biometric passport technology is fit for purpose and has enhanced passport security
    • personal data on the passport microchip is secure and DFAT maintains an appropriate focus on both protecting privacy and client satisfaction
    • arrangements are in place to evaluate the effectiveness of the ePassport and to monitor risks.
  • Page 141, heading 5: should read Performance for 2011-12.

Part 3

  • Page 316, Table A7.3 Consultancies let in 2011-12 by Output Group: Number of contracts let total should be 363 and Total contract value total should be $51,490,722.