Preliminaries > Contents


Guide to the Report

Letter of Transmittal

List of Tables and Charts

Corrections to the Defence Annual Report

Chapter One - Overview

Year in Review

Review by the Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Force

Operation Anode

Implementing the White Paper

Financial Overview

Program of Administrative Savings

Accountability Arrangements

Corporate Governance

Organisational Changes

Organisational Chart

Senior Executives


Remuneration for Period in Office

Study of Parliamentary Process

Defence Governance Framework

Senior Committees

Chapter Two - Outcome Performance

Overview of the Defence Outcomes and Outputs

Price to Government of Defence's Outcomes

Outcome One: Command of Operations

Australian Defence Force Operations

Australian Defence Force Exercises

Outcome Two: Navy Capabilities

Outcome Three: Army Capabilities

Outcome Four: Air Force Capabilities

Outcome Five: Strategic Policy

Defence Cooperation

Outcome Six: Intelligence

Outcome Seven: Superannuation and Housing Support Services for Current and Retired Defence Personnel

Chapter Three - Group Contributions

Vice Chief of the Defence Force Group

Defence Science and Technology Organisation

Intelligence and Security Group

Capability Development Group

Corporate Services and Infrastructure Group

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Defence Materiel Organisation

Public Affairs Branch

Chapter Four - Capital Budget


Defence Capability Plan

Approved Major Capital Equipment Program

Capital Facilities Projects

Other Capital Purchases

Capital Receipts

Chapter Five - People

Workforce Overview

Performance Against People Matter Priorities for 2003-04

Non-Operational Training

Workplace Equity and Diversity

Occupational Health and Safety

Annual Report on the Administration and Operation of the Defence Force (Home Loans Assistance) Act 1990

Chapter Six - Management Reforms and Efficiencies

Progress on Financial Management Reform

Defence Materiel Reforms

Corporate Services and Infrastructure Reforms

Commercial Support Program


Financial Statements

Purchaser-Provider Arrangements

Internal Audit and Risk Management Arrangements

Internal Audit

Ethics Awareness and Fraud Control

Portfolio Evaluations

Enterprise Risk Management

External Scrutiny

Parliamentary Committees

Auditor-General's Reports

Defence Force Ombudsman

Decisions of Courts and Tribunals

Legal Expenses

Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force

Responsiveness to the Ministers and the Parliamentary Secretary

The Defence Service Charter

Ecologically Sustainable Development and Environmental Performance

Asset Management

Discretionary Grants

ADF Units and Establishments


Advertising and Market Research

Contracts Exempt from Publication in the Purchasing and Disposal Gazette

Freedom of Information


Acronyms and Abbreviations

Alphabetical Index


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