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Non-Operational Training

Corporate Leadership Initiatives

Key achievements in 2002-03 included the evaluation of the Capstone Program (targeted at the ADF star ranked officers and the APS Senior Executive Service), the Results through People Program and the process for selecting civilian participants for study at the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies. The objective was to ensure ongoing improvement of each initiative in line with current Defence priorities. As an outcome of the evaluation, the Capstone Program has been re-designed and an 'emotional intelligence' component has been included in the Results through People training. The selection processes for the Defence and Strategic Studies Course have been amended to reflect closer alignment to the Australian Public Service Senior Executive Leadership Capability Framework, primarily to target high performing Executive Level 2 staff with the potential to progress to the Senior Executive Service.

Graduate Development Program

As indicated in the table below, the Defence graduate intake continues to grow, with the total intake increasing over a five-year period. Planning is under way to establish a graduate Information Stream in 2004.

Table 5.15: Graduate Intake Figures
Program 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03
Graduate Development Program
Generalists 50 56 45 50 48
People Strategists - - - 8 8
Business Analysts - - 5 10 8
Defence Materiel Graduate Scheme 66 80 29 43 46
Corporate Services and Infrastructure Group - - - 6 6
Defence Science and Technology Scheme 51 24 10 51 36
Defence Signals Directorate Scheme 25 37 36 31 54
Total 192 197 125 199 206

Public Service Training Package

In 2002-03, distance learning delivery of the Public Service Training Package was piloted with 45 students undertaking training across Australia. As a result of this pilot initiative, a strategy for flexible learning solutions is being developed to increase access to the training package.

Business Education Skills Development

A suite of financial, procurement and project management courses are offered to Defence personnel. Tertiary-level financial management courses offered include:

Curricula for simple and complex procurement training in Defence were redeveloped. A procurement recognition process has also been developed, together with a network of assessors to enable Defence staff with a background in procurement to achieve competency for knowledge and skills developed on the job. During 2002-03, 3,375 Defence personnel received training in simple procurement, while 2,008 received training in complex procurement modules. Additionally, a total of 508 competency recognition processes, which look at prior learning, were conducted.

Training for the Resource and Output Management and Accounting Network system was also re-developed. As the corporate financial system for Defence, the system encompasses corporate budgeting, accounting and reporting, and supports the Defence resource management framework.

Vocational Education and Training

Defence registered training organisations are accredited to issue a total of 144 national qualifications from 17 training packages and a further 436 nationally recognised 'accredited course' qualifications (as at 30 June 2003). A database of Defence accredited vocational education and training has been established. It is for the use of current and former members of Defence, their employers and potential employers, and other education providers.

Table 5.16 classifies non-operational training provided to Defence staff, according to total student days and numbers of students.

Table 5.16: Non-Operational Training
Type of Training Total Student Days Number of Students
Accrual Accounting 680 68
Australian Defence College 302,373 1,967
Business Education and Skills Development (ROMAN and Financial Management training) 10,947 8,397
Capstone Program 470 47
Defence Materiel Organisation Contract Management training 1,476 738
Defence Materiel Organisation Logistics training 3,004 624
Defence Materiel Organisation Project Management training 3,134 708
Defence Renewal Workshops 1,226 613
Defence Safety Management Agency 1,950 1,254
Defence Security Authority 660 330
Diploma in Government Financial Management 2,326 76
Graduate Certificate in Professional Management (Finance) 1,421 117
Joint Ammunition Logistics Organisation 1,387 767
Project Management and Procurement training 10,558 5,383
Public Sector and People Skills Development 4,069 3,176
Regional Education Training and Development Units 22,332 14,931
Results Through People workshops 1,542 514
Total 369,555 39,710