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Output Two: Navy Capabilities

Members of one of the two permanent Royal Australian Navy clearance diving teams locating, rendering safe and disposing of mines.The Navy provided maritime forces that contributed to the ADF's capacity to defend Australia, contributed to regional security, supported global interests, shaped the strategic environment and protected national interests. Navy capabilities provide maritime patrol and response, interdiction and strategic strike, protection of shipping and offshore territories and resources, maritime intelligence collection and evaluation, hydrographic and oceanographic operations, combat search and rescue, and escort duties. Peacetime activities include maritime surveillance and response within the Australian exclusive economic zone in support of Coastwatch, distribution of humanitarian aid, and maritime search and rescue.

Performance Summary

The Navy achieved routine and operational goals in 2002-03, including commitments to:

The Navy continued to be a significant participant in a number of diverse ongoing and short notice operations. The Navy maintained a high profile in the United States-led war on terror and undertook a wide variety of tasks during Operation Falconer, including patrol operations, maritime interdiction and boarding, naval gunfire support and mine clearance.