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Corrections to the Defence Annual Report 2001-02

Australian Defence Force Exercises

Exercise Day Anchor 02 was erroneously omitted from the table of ADF joint exercises (Table 2.7 at page 78 [PDF]). The exercise was conducted in February 2002 and involved Navy and Army components. The exercise objective was to confirm the Special Air Service Regiment's capability by practising special recovery operations. The exercise's objectives were achieved.

External Consultants

An error was made in summing total expenditure by Defence on consultants in 2001-02 published in Table 4.9 on page 268 [PDF]. The total should have been $7,493,075.

In addition, an amount of $30,000 paid to Allen Consulting Group Pty Ltd for a review of the Defence Materiel Organisation's public affairs requirements and resourcing was erroneously omitted from the report. The amount should have been included in Table 4.9 on page 268 [PDF] and in Table 4.10, under Public Affairs and Corporate Communication, on page 273 [PDF]. Therefore, total expenditure by Defence on consultants in 2001-02 was $7,523,075.

Contracts Exempt From Publication in the Purchasing and Disposal Gazette

Following publication of last year's report, the first year in which this information was required in the annual report, a data identification program was incorporated into Defence's financial management information system. As part of the program, a quality assurance exercise was run on the 2001-02 data and corrections arising from this are shown below.

Table 1: Corrections to Exempt Contracts From 2001-02
Group Number of
Navy 0 Revised to nil
Air Force 1 271,904
Intelligence and Security Group 37 19,827,422(1)
Chief Finance Officer(2) 15 5,647,484
Defence Materiel Organisation 249 144,380,047
Total 302 170,126,857
  1. Figure revised to include GST.
  2. Chief Finance Officer data includes the Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Force data.

Advertising and Market Research

Market Research Organisations

The details of three professional service providers and one consultancy were omitted from last year's report, although the consultancy was listed in the External Consultants section. The details are shown in Table 2.

Media Advertising Organisations

Seven amounts totalling $807,266, shown under Public Affairs and Corporate Communication on page 279 [PDF] of the report, were incorrectly attributed to 'Centenary of Federation promotional activities' in the 'Purpose' column. While the expenditure amounts and the payee information were correct, the purpose should have read 'Recruitment promotional material - ADF'. The details are shown in Table 2.

Table 2: Corrections to Advertising and Market Research Contracts From 2001-02
Payee Amount
Public Affairs and Corporate Communication
Market Research Organisations
Elliott Shanahan Research 76,532 Study of impact of Defence involvement in community events for the Centenary of Federation 2001
MediaScape 80,271 Media tracking and analysis
New Focus Research Pty Ltd 94,000 Conduct focus group testing and research for the Defence 'brand'
Worthington Di Marzio 112,682 Conduct research into community attitudes towards Defence and defence industry and recruitment-related issues
Media Advertising Organisations
Eclipse Signs and Graphics 5,000 Recruitment promotional material - ADF
Hood Sailmakers (Aust) Pty Ltd 6,218 Recruitment promotional material - ADF
Mitchell and Partners Aust Pty Ltd 143,250 Recruitment promotional material - ADF
Paula M Promotions 91,233 Recruitment promotional material - ADF
Purple Elephant Promotional Product 306,529 Recruitment promotional material - ADF
Self Adhesive Systems 252,506 Recruitment promotional material - ADF
Sign A Rama 2,530 Recruitment promotional material - ADF