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Chapter Guide

Preliminaries include the headline results, contact details, letter of transmittal, guide to the report, copyright information, table of contents, a list of tables and charts, chapter guide, and corrections to the Defence Annual Report 2001-02.

[ read Preliminaries | download Preliminaries 397KB]

Chapter One contains:

[ read Chapter One | download Chapter One 1.22MB ]
[ download Review by the Secretary and Chief of the Defence Force 241KB ]

Chapter Two reports on the results to the Government as Defence's customer and contains:

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Chapter Three reports on the results to the Government as Defence's owner and contains:

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Chapter Four contains information relating to Defence's enabling business processes:

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Chapter Five contains information on:

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The Appendix to the report includes a list of ADF units and establishments, a glossary, a list of acronyms and abbreviations, and an alphabetical index.

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The Full Report can be downloaded as a single PDF file.

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The cover of the print version is available separately.

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