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This version of the Defence Annual Report 2002-03 is available in two formats, Portable Document Format [PDF] and HyperText Markup Language (HTML).


The report is available in PDF either as a single complete document or split into sections and chapters. Files are bookmarked and linked and can be obtained (size indicated in brackets) from the download page.

PDF files require Adobe's Acrobat Reader. You can obtain Reader by downloading it free from the Adobe web site.


The HTML version is constructed using HTML 4.01 (Strict) and Cascading Style Sheets 2 (CSS2). Browsers that are standards-compliant will display these pages in the best manner. These pages have been constructed primarily for the most commonly used browsers. Older versions and other browsers may not display pages in the same manner but will provide access to all the information on the page. For information on web standards, please visit


Each page contains the Defence banner, providing links to the Minister, Services and Departmental home pages. Below the Defence banner is the Annual Report banner containing the utilities and major sections for the report. The navigation bar to the left of the content area provides the sections and sub-sections within the current chapter. The current section and sub-section will be highlighted to indicate where you are within the chapter, and a different background colour will indicate those sections you have already visited. The chapter navigation is followed by any links related to the current section - these related links will replace the contents of the browser window. For those using their own style sheets or without support for style sheets, the 'breadcrumb' line above the content area indicates the section and sub-section you are within. Lastly, there are linear "Previous" and "Next" page links at the bottom of each content area.

The report pages are best viewed with a 1024x768 resolution but should display satisfactorily using 800x600 resolution. Smaller screens may wrap the text to the extent that the content area appears below the navigation bar. Fonts can be re-sized using your browser's toolbars.

The report banner provides a quick free-text search form.


All files are constructed following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines provided by the World Wide Web Consortium and meet a minimum of Priority One checkpoints. Wherever possible, higher priority checkpoints are met or alternative versions provided. For more information on accessibility please visit Access keys have been coded as follows:

2 - Content area
3 - Report utilities and main areas
4 - Breadcrumbs
6 - Chapter navigation
9 - Search


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