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A Rewarding Career

Thousands of opportunities

In Defence you will enjoy experiences and opportunities that, as an APS employee, you simply wouldn't get with any other organisation.

The variety of jobs we have is greater than you think — with the right qualifications you are able to undertake interesting, challenging, and unique work ranging from intelligence and strategic policy right through to human resources, infrastructure, engineering, and information technology.

Want to know what kind of work our people do? Kate, and others, soon realised their careers were beyond the 'ordinary' when they joined Defence. You can read their stories here.



Ever thought your job would allow you to fly in an Air Force plane, drive an Army armoured vehicle or travel to the far corners of the country without being in the Australian Defence Force?

For Kate, working as a regional Senior Public Affairs Officer responsible for drafting Public Affairs strategies and products, providing media support for Ministerial events and community engagement, this has been her reality.

'I was initially attracted to Defence because of the excitement and challenges offered to me by working in a military environment, and in a dynamic part of the organisation that makes a major contribution to communities both domestically and overseas.'

'As a part of my role as a Senior Public Affairs Officer in Defence I've been fortunate enough to get 'out in the field' and ride in armoured vehicles, tour Navy ships, and fly in RAAF aircraft, even in a fast jet!'

'I've also participated in a 10 day Army appreciation course for Defence civilians at Puckapunyal.'

'Here we were exposed to military history, given weapon and ammunition demonstrations and weapons training, went 'bush' overnight in a mock battle scenario, and underwent daily physical training.'

'This wonderful initiative gave me and the other participants a greater appreciation of the military and insights you just wouldn't get any other way.'

'I can't imagine doing any of these things in any other organisation.'