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Recognition in Defence

Employee reward and recognition is a fundamental component of Performance Management in Defence, acknowledging positive behaviour, supports a high-performance culture. Employees who feel valued, encouraged and appreciated for their work are more likely to be engaged, contribute effectively, and perform highly in their roles.

Employee recognition reinforces and rewards the actions and behaviours that are valued in Defence, acknowledges and honours the positive contributions an employee makes to their team and the organisation, and ensures Defence employees know that they are appreciated.

Performance by Australian Public Service (APS) employees in Defence is formally recognised through the Performance Feedback and Development Scheme (PFADS) performance rating. A performance rating is a formal acknowledgement of the performance that an individual has achieved throughout the performance cycle. Defence APS employees who achieve Performance ratings of ‘Fully Effective’ or above, and satisfy the eligibility criteria, are recognised through performance progression, as outlined in the Performance Progression policy.

Defence Awards

Defence has a number of awards and commendations that an employee can receive.

There are a number of Defence Awards and Commendations an employee can receiving to acknowledge excellence, achievement, and outstanding service and meritorious service.

The Secretary’s Award for Long Service provides appreciation of a Defence APS employee's completion of a long period of Australian Government service.

The Australia Day Medallion recognises publicly significant contributions to Defence in the last 12 months or outstanding service over a number of years where the contribution has not been recognised through other awards. The medallions are awarded where no other appropriate avenue for recognition exists and may be presented to employees in conjunction with Australia Day celebrations.

The Australian System of Honours and Awards is a means by which outstanding service and achievement by APS employees can be formally and publically recognised.

For information visit Defence Honours and Awards

Here are some awardees receiving Defence Awards, you will find more in the Defence image library

Group of people receiving a Defence Award recipient with his award in collaborative partnerships
Group of people receiving a WHS Award recipient of an Australia Day Medallion
recipient receiving an award in Estate Infrastructure recipients with their award in Reserve Support
recipient receiving an award in Security Excellence recipient receiving an award for Defence outcomes