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Ongoing Career Development and Training

Defence is committed to investing in our people by providing a range of learning and development programs, to help them reach their full potential.

Some of the initiatives currently underway include:


We believe mentoring provides extensive benefits for both the mentor and mentee. While many employees develop informal mentoring relationships, there is a range of mentoring programs available within Defence to support your career progression.

Study Assistance

Defence encourages staff to continue formal education by providing eligible employees with study leave and/ or meeting part or all of the cost of relevant courses.

Professional Development

Defence provides assistance in attaining and maintaining professional memberships, learning and development activities and requirements to maintain currency of practice. If it is required by your role, Defence will pay for membership of and certification by, an accredited professional association.

Career Management

Defence has developed a new career management system known as the APS Core Capability Framework. The framework describes common core skills, knowledge and behaviours for each of the APS classification levels in Defence. The framework ensures Defence employees have the skills and knowledge to perform in their jobs, opportunities to extend and develop their careers in Defence, and career paths supported by well-defined and resourced development strategies.



Follow Elizabeth's journey from when she entered the Department as a graduate to her current position as one of the most senior leaders in Defence:

Elizabeth commenced her career through the Defence Graduate Program, where her training and mentoring provided a strong foundation to become one of the most senior female APS leaders in the Department.

'I had a couple of part-time jobs just out of university and was looking for a Graduate program to enter the full-time workforce,'

'Defence just seemed like a cool and interesting place to work for someone with my degree and the Defence Graduate Program had a stream which was relevant to my technical background in physics.'

'I now have 26 years experience in the Department, and am currently acting in an SES Band 2 position. I am responsible for the delivery of IT projects, and the maintenance of ICT applications including the records management system and human resource management system.'

Elizabeth believes the support she's received from Defence has helped her reach her full potential.

'Through the Studybank initiative, Defence has also supported me through study leave and financial assistance to help complete my Masters of Business Administration.'