ADF continues support to flood effected Queensland


ADF continues support to flood effected Queensland (1.16 mins)

Due to the effects of the unprecedented weather event in northern and western Queensland on producers and their livestock in the region, the Australian Defence Force formed Joint Task Force 646 to lead the initial major disaster response effort. Under the command of Brigadier Stephen Jobson CSC, this initial response helped save countless livestock and supported graziers in the area to continue to be as self-sufficient as possible. Joint Task Force 646 also deployed an initial planning and advice element to the region to work with local councils and affected producers in the development of a carcass disposal strategy. Preparations have now begun to commence a transition from an initial major disaster response under Joint Task Force 646 to a Queensland State Disaster Recovery Coordination led by Major-General Stuart Smith (Retired). This has been done after close consultation with local councils across north-west Queensland. Joint Task Force 646, based on the Australian Army’s 16th Aviation Brigade, consisted of around 150 Australian Defence Force members to help farmers in the shires of Richmond, McKinlay, Cloncurry, Finders, Winton and Carpentaria. Brigadier Jobson and his staff remain postured to support the Shire of Carpentaria, until such time as the local council advises that initial major disaster response is no longer required.

Publish Date 20 Feb 2019
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