Task Group Taji 7 Farewell Parade


Task Group Taji 7 Farewell Parade (1.13 mins)

Around 300 Australian Defence Force personnel, shortly deploying to Iraq on Operation OKRA, have been formally farewelled in front of family and friends during a parade at Gallipoli Barracks on Wednesday 18 April 2018. The contingent, which consists primarily of 6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment soldiers from Brisbane’s 7th Brigade, forms the seventh rotation of Task Group Taji. Their mission is to train, mentor, advise and assist the Iraqi Security Forces as they continue to combat Daesh. The farewell parade is an important Army and Defence tradition which provides an opportunity to recognise the hard work of deploying personnel, their service to the nation, as well as demonstrating the support from home.

Publish Date 19 Apr 2018
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