Exercise Boss Lift 2018 Day 1


Exercise Boss Lift 2018 Day 1 (1.37 mins)

Defence Reserves Support conducts Exercise BOSS LIFT in support of each Army Reserve rotation to Rifle Company Butterworth, Malaysia. Exercise BOSS LIFT enables employers of ADF Reservists to learn first-hand what the ADF does on exercises and operations. Employers involved in Ex BOSS LIFT gain valuable insight into the benefits Army Reserve training can bring to the civilian workplace. Participants on Ex BOSS LIFT travel to Malaysia to see Australian Army Reservists deployed to Butterworth as part of Australia’s commitment to the Five Power Defence Arrangement. Employers watch their employees and other Army Reserve soldiers conduct infantry minor tactics such as patrolling, ambushes and section attacks. They also eat ration packs, learn basic fieldcraft and are given an opportunity to conduct live firing on Army weapons under the safety and supervision of the officers and soldiers deployed on this exercise.

Publish Date 02 Feb 2018
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