Duke of Gloucester Cup - Own the Night


Duke of Gloucester Cup - Own the Night (1.24 mins)

Australian Army infantry soldiers from across Australia are testing their core skills for the prestigious Duke of Gloucester Cup at the School of Infantry, near Singleton in NSW, from 6-11 August 2017. The Duke of Gloucester Cup is the Army’s premier military skills competition, pitting the best Royal Australian Corps of Infantry rifle sections from each unit against one another through a series of challenging activities that test their core infantry skills, including marksmanship, tactics, teamwork and fitness. Along with the Duke of Gloucester Cup, five other trophies are awarded: Sir Arthur MacDonald Trophy for best foundation war-fighting skills; Gurkha Trophy for best live-fire shooting; Royal Ulster Rifles Trophy for best falling plate shooting; OSCMAR Trophy for best battle endurance; and the DSM Roche CSC Memorial Cup for best individual soldier. The Duke of Gloucester Cup was created by Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, in 1946, while serving as the Governor-General of Australia.

Publish Date 04 Sep 2017
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